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5 Reasons To Rekey Your Locks

When To Rekey Your Locks:

Rekey Services

  • 1. Rekeying of a lock it’s the cheap & fast is best way to have new key to your door lock.


  • 2. When you moved to new house, You don’t want any previous residents to have access to your house Best and cheap is way to prevent the old key to work.


  • 3. lost your keys? To have new keys to your house the fast & cheap way it’s to rekey your locks we pick/shin your locks then replace with the new pins for your new key, it’s prevent from the old key to work, so you can feel secure again.


  • residential lock rekey services locksmiths naples florida4. Someone break into your house? Rekey of lock will prevent them to have access again, sometimes will recommend to change the locks, we recommend if Someone breaks into your place consult with one of our Locksmith in Naples Florida to make your place safe & secure.


  • 5. the must important reason to rekey your locks people forget about, Every 5 years our locksmith recommend to rekey a lock,
5 Reasons:
Rekeying of locks it’s important
For your security,

What is a Lock Rekey?

 Rekey will change your key and  prevent from the old key to unlock
Your locks,

How locksmith rekey a lock?

 Our locksmith take your locks out of the door
take the lock a part changing the pins into the lock for the new keys
Put all the lock part together and you have rekeyed lock.
( don’t try to do it yourself if you not sure how rekey because it’s can destroyed your locks)
I hope you learn how important it’s to Rekey your locks, Please share and let more people know the important of a lock rekey.
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5 reasons to rekey your locks
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5 reasons to rekey your locks
Here is 5 reasons why you should rekey your locks
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