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tips for safer home in naples florida

Advanced upgrades for a Safer Home

When most people think of home security, the first items they think of are home alarm systems. This is a great place to start, but there are additional major safety issues you haven’t thought of. The following 4 suggestions are simple and can make a big difference for your home security.


1. Upgrade Your Window Locks
Most home windows have simple window locking mechanisms. These work for many windows, especially those on the second floor that burglars can’t easily reach. However, many window locks can be forced to open and as such, you might consider reinforcement. The following are the most recommended windows lock types:
* A keyed lock can add extra security to sliding windows.
* You can use hinged wedge locks in addition to latch locks to prevent your window from opening farther than you want. These are great for houses with kids.
* A pin lock connects the window to the frame, preventing it from opening.


2. Secure Your Pet Door
You may think that if a person can’t fit through your pet door, it’s safe. However, if a potential robber can fit an arm or tool through the door, it poses a security risk. However, you don’t have to get rid of your dog or cat’s favorite entry. A locking latch or an electronic door that only opens for your pet’s collar or microchip, will prevent anyone else from getting in.


3. Reinforce Your Sliding Doors
Sliding doors are often a target for intruders because they are easier to force open than standard doors or windows. Luckily, the solution is simple: adding an extra security lock that secures the door to the frame. You can unlock the door from the inside. but intruders won’t be able to force the door open from the outside.


4. Ditch the Hidden Key
 Hiding a spare key in the yard might
seem like a great backup in case you      lose or forget yours, but it can be a major security weakness. Burglars will look in common hiding places such as under the doormat, in the mailbox, or under flower pots. Instead, use a hidden key box with a key code or leave a spare key with a neighbor you trust.


5. Prevent Garage Break-Ins
One of the most vulnerable entries to your home is the garage door. Does your garage have an emergency release cord? Robbers can insert a metal hook or even a coat hanger to pull that cord from the outside and get into your garage easily. Even without getting into your home, burglars can steal valuables or even your car. You can prevent this by cutting the plastic handle off of the end of the cord. You’ll still be able to pull the release, but you won’t leave material for a robber’s tool to grab.


6. Installing a smart lock or a home security system is great, but remember that it is still possible to cut off the electricity or Internet connection to your home, disable the system and no warning will be sent to you or your security company. The connection is usually located right outside of your house and is really easy to access. Make sure to install home security systems that has a backup connection to cellular towers and a backup battery in order to receive a warning signal.


7. Having a doorknob / latch knob is not enough to secure your outside doors. In order to secure your doors, any entry door must have a deadbolt installed to prevent break-ins, read this article to learn more


8. Instead of installing a standard deadbolt that can be picked open in few minutes you should install high security locks. Amongst the benefits of high security locks are: cant be picked, can’t be drilled, keys can’t be duplicated without the owner’s special card that came with the lock.


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