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How to Avoid Locksmith Scams

One of the best ways to find a locksmith company in Naples FL is usually by checking online for hits and looking up to see how they are performing. Are you worried you might not be getting the best possible deal from the locksmith you have chosen? or it is a complete scam to get your money? You may not be completely wrong to be worried.

All service providers scams can be prevented if you will know for which signs to look.  You should know when something feels wrong and be able to identify fraudulent locksmith offers from a distance. Here are some of our best tips to help keep you safe :

Get a comprehensive quote and look out for additional charges

You can prevent getting scammed by making sure that any company you call for a locksmith services in Naples Florida will give a direct quote that is open and easy to quantify. Some fraudulent locksmith services can give you a fake low quote that will then later snowball as they continue to work. You should make sure that any locksmith service you use is able to give you final and fixed quote for the service before they start working.

They should also be able to answer questions about the quotes and repairs they are quoting for. If they are unable to give you satisfactory answer, you should try to get a second opinion. If you are able to compare quotes, you are more likely to get a better price.

Always hire local locksmiths that have a verifiable license

You should ensure that you only hire local locksmiths that have all the require government licenses and identification. The American Locksmith Associations also give certifications and licenses which you should check. Be wary of companies that use shady contact information and have 1-800 numbers instead of a local number that you can trace.

When you call a locksmith service and the receptionist does not answer with proper identification and the name of the company, you should be worried. If you feel wary about a locksmith service, you have the right to ask for proof of their license and identification either online or when they come to meet you. If they are unable to show you proper identification, do not use their service. Also, fraudulent locksmiths usually come to your house in unmarked vehicles that are hard to identify (not all of them are scammers) . A reputable company will have a company-branded vehicle that has their name and contact information.

Avoid locksmith services that offer unbelievably cheap services

When a locksmith service is able to give you cheaper quotes than anybody else over the phone without seeing the work to be done, you should be wary. No matter what the condition of your lock is in, make sure that you discuss the price with the locksmith. Make sure that you agree the price. The scam with low offers is that when the fraudulent companies come to your house on the agreement on the low offer, they almost always find other extra services and charges that they now use to extort more money from you. The scam gets worse because they would have removed the locks and done the work halfway and then leave you with little choice than to pay up or call another locksmith service in Naples to complete the job.

Avoid locksmith companies that insist on cash payments only

When a locksmith company insists that you should pay them with cash for their service, this can be a red flag. One of the common signs of a locksmith scam is that the company have online adverts that insist that they only accept cash. You should know that if you pay cash and you do not have a receipt, you not keeping records can risk your rights when there is a legal dispute because you will not have any proof that a service was carried out.

Do not allow locksmiths to drill your locks if not necessary

Locksmiths that want to scam you will sometimes try to destroy the whole lock system of your door by drilling it off before you have the opportunity to demand for an explanation or cheaper options. They know that once the lock is drilled off, you will be forced to replace everything in order of securing your home. Most times, instead of drilling the lock, all that is required is usually a pin replacement or even rekeying.

A professional locksmith knows that there are many alternatives to drilling a lock and will find a way to minimize your expenses. Even when drilling is the only option left, they will explain to you why the other options won’t work. A locksmith scammer will drill the lock before letting you know.

Scamming locksmiths try to increase the scope of work unduly when they come to work at your home or office. Be sure to verify what the locksmith wants to do and the cost implications before allowing them to touch your locks. This will save you a lot of headache and money.

Do not pay ahead for work

You should only pay for a locksmith service after the job is completed. If the locksmith that you hire is asking for money ahead, be careful so that you are exposing yourself to a scam. You should be especially wary when it is a company you are hiring online for the first time. Insist that they come to your house with a proper invoice so that you have the chance to assess them before giving them the job to do.


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How to Avoid Locksmith Scams
Locksmith scams are plenty but you can prevent falling victim to them by knowing what to look out for. You should know what is not right and be able to identify fraudulent locksmith offers from a distance. Here are some of our best tips to help keep you safe from the most popular locksmith scams.
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  1. Yes, I agree with you. We should not hire locksmiths that offer cheap services. Also, it is necessary to hire licensed and insured locksmith company because can provide quality services. The major benefit of hiring insured company is that we can file a claim if we found any damage to our property.


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