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chain lock for bike

Best Bike Locks

Before getting into the discussion of which Bike Lock is best, you must assure yourself about the bike locks, their features, benefits, usage, and safety they can provide. 

Bike locks provide a sense of safety and security to the rider that too in times of uncertainty. Bikes provide feasibility and convenience and let you get through the routes and places where other vehicles not as useful. At these places, there is always a fear of theft or stealing and one has to be very conscious about it. 

How to choose a right Bike Lock?

There are few options available in the market for a bike lock like Cable locks, U-shaped lock, and combination bike lock. But choosing the right bike lock can be time-consuming and require thinking to be done. For your easiness, we have created criteria which surely be handy in choosing the right option. 


  • Risk involve in leaving your bike. 


What is your most common route or place to visit?

Is it a safe neighbourhood? What news say?

Is your bike expensive and catches passing by’s eye?

For how long does your bike is by itself?


  • Which type of bike lock suits me?


A combination bike lock takes more time in locking and unlocking, best bike lock if your bike is unattended for long hours, particularly for students, who stay in colleges for a long time. 

A U-shaped bike lock, easy to carry, and if you’re continuously riding with brief stops then this bike lock might be for you. 

Chain bike lock is heavy in weight but can be tied on bigger objects and also provide durability. If you travel to the places where there is limited or no facilities for bikes then chain bike lock is suitable for you.

Best Bike Locks available

Now that we have set the criteria for choosing the right bike lock, we will dive into the best bike locks available in the market. Due to the high consumer demand and security risks rising the companies are innovating the old school bike locks. Previously, there used to be only two types of bike locks, Chain bike lock, and U-shaped bike lock. 

Chain bike locks bring strength and heaviness to the table consist of long metal chain covered for protection and a lock. The weight of chains vary along with its reliability, the heavy metal chain with a big lock is best for security but difficult to carry around. The lighter weight chains cannot be as useful as heavy ones but frequent riders with safe neighborhoods can do the job. 

The prices of chain bike locks range from $45 to $500 because of its heaviness and durability. 

U-shaped bike locks consider to be more durable, lighter in weight and most importantly easy on the budget. U-bike locks are

u lock for bike
u lock for bike

easy to operate, easy to carry, and more secure. There are limitations to its use, we will talk about it later, however, these bike locks provide a high level of protection. Even the prices are affordable for anyone ranging from $25 to a maximum $100-$150, a long-lasting bike lock for sure.

The other innovative types of bike locks are also available in the market and they have made their impression and name. Folding bike lock is one of those bike locks. They are very compact, lightweight and easy to carry around. The durability is questionable with these bike locks but surely an alternative to underperforming U-bike locks and Chain locks. 

LiteLok, a new addition to the market. A very lightweight bike lock with amazing durability because of its special fabric used in the manufacturing. It not meant to be cut with cable cutters or hacksaws which provides a high level of protection especially to those who care and love their bikes. It is not as easy to carry as any chain or u-bike lock and surely not easy on the pocket. 

With technology spreading its wings in every walk of life how could it not step in the bike locks. Skylock, a smart bike lock powered by solar energy that can be operated via bluetooth from a long range. It notifies any disturbance with the lock, self-charging along with USB port, and a keyless locking and unlocking. All these features make it a really expensive bike lock with $200 but it does provide reliable security and protection to a rider. 

Which is the best bike lock?

Every bike lock has its pros and cons that make a hard choice for a rider yet they want the best bike lock for them. Here is the lists/comparison of U-shaped lock and Chain bike locks. 

U-bike lock

Pros Cons
Secure   Limited in scope
Not easy to break Hard to carry around
Less expensive than chain lock Cannot be tied to bigger objects
Durable Does not come with additional length 
Lighter in weight  Can only lock frame or wheel 


Chain bike lock

Pros Cons 
More solid than cable Extremely heavier 
Easy to carry  Costly than U-shaped
Can be tied on to the bigger objects Quality depends on the steel used
Takes less space Breakable 
Suitable only for long stays

The comparison makes it easy for you to decide on buying the best bike lock. Different variants suits differently depending on the demands and requirements of a buyer. Some of you might prefer u-shaped bike lock and some opt for chain bike lock as they both carry pros and cons. To make your buying decision prompt and easy we have made a list of best bike locks brand available. 

Best bike lock brands

  1. Kryptonite Kryptolok

It is a reasonable priced u-shaped bike lock with reasonable weight and offers good protection form theft. 

  1. Abus Granit X-Plus 540

A very light weighted yet strongest bike lock available in the market. It provides solid security which justifies it high cost. 

  1. Kryptonite Kryptolok 955 Mini

A less expensive, light weighted and very portable chain lock. It might not be very secure but does its job very well under given price.

The best bike lock can be a hard choice but keeping all the facts and observations we would recommend of choosing U-shaped bike lock considering its practicality and reasonable prices. 


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