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Best Sliding Door Locks

Sliding Door Locks


Lately, doors have transformed from a basic “keep-out” measure, to an integral part of a home structure and design. There is a wide array of options that home owners can now indulge themselves in, depending on style, design and security.

A sliding glass door, is commonly used in homes where owners desire to bring the beautiful visuals of their outdoor environment to the inside. Sliding doors typically feature a glass window, designed to open on a frame with minimal force and provide access in a sliding mechanism, allowing those in the house to enjoy cool breeze and natural light scenery. In terms of construction, the door is usually a single unit with double panel sections in which one is fixed and the other is mobile and slid to open and provide access.

Every door uses a security system that keeps it locks and keeps intruders out. The Sliding glass doors are no different. There are several locks that can be craftily used with the sliding doors to ensure adequate security while keeping their design aesthetics.


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Why are Sliding Door Locks highly recommended?

Sliding doors are made to bring in plenty of natural light into your home. This is good for your home but sometimes, it makes them a target for burglars as an entry point into your home. Why do you need to secure your sliding door? 

They are often unlocked! A survey showed that most homes that were burgled and the thieves gained access through the sliding doors, the doors were unlocked. The sliding doors either had no lock or were completely unlocked. Therefore, they need to be secured.

Sliding doors are easy to “pick”; If you don’t have good sliding door locks, any burglar can easily jimmy the common locks that comes with most sliding doors from the manufacturer. Therefore, you need to have a locksmith in Naples FL help you install good quality sliding door locks.

Sliding doors are typically located at the back of the house; Most access points that are behind the house, are obscured from the view of neighbors or walk by’s, which makes it hard for them to be guarded. Having a quality sliding door lock installed will ensure that you do not have to worry about someone gaining access to your home and personal assets through the sliding doors.

Best Recommended Sliding Door Locks for Your Home

When you install a good quality sliding door lock, you can be rest assured that your home will be secured from unnecessary access. This also ensures that you can control the access of your children and little ones from wondering out to the yard unsupervised.

Security bars

These are strong metal cylinders that can be installed to one side of the sliding door frame and the other end retracts into one when open. To lock it, the built-in brace will prevent it from folding into place. They are usually made from steel, wood or strong vinyl. Security bars are very simple and trustworthy. You can also have your locksmith in Naples FL to recommend a good brand for you. When a security bar is being installed, you need to ensure that it is not too short such that a burglar can exploit it.

One of the recommended security bars is the Master Lock 265DCCCSEN Dual-Function Security Bar. This is  a very popular model because it fits most sliding doors and patios doors. It can help increase the security of your doors and it is made out of durable, high-density 20-guage steel.

Double Bolt Locks

Another great option is double bolt lock. It comprises of two pieces, the first one is attached to your door frame while the other one is placed on the sliding door itself. When the sliding door is closed, the pieces come together and you can then slide the reinforced metal bolts into the door frame to keep your doors safe. This is an improved version of the traditional sliding door lock and is very difficult to defeat without damaging the door or breaking the glass and alerting the neighbors.

Sliding Door Sensors

Sliding door sensors are an electronic solution to the manual sliding door lock. They are highly recommended when you are ordering a security surveillance package for your home. A sliding door sensor, when activated, can trigger an alert whenever the door is accessed without permission which will scare away most robbers before they can access your property. The advantages of sliding door sensors are that they can be programmed to become enabled automatically so even if you forget to bolt the manual sliding door locks, you are still able to secure your home from unauthorized access. You should also note that it could help prevent sliding doors from being left open. This is one of the most common problem using sliding doors where they are left open by mistake. A sliding door sensor will make a sound or repeated beeps that will notify you that the sliding door has been left open and then you can close it and keep your home and kids safe. You can also install them on windows if your house is on the ground floor.

Glass-Break detectors

A glass-break detector will activate your home alarm system whenever a glass door or window is broken. The sound is usually enough to chase away most burglars and ensure that you do not get robbed. The sight of a glass-break detector keeps thieves away from trying to even access the door and they typically just move to other easier targets.

We usually recommend that our customer purchase a dual-tech glass-break detector that can sense the sound of glass breaking and activate an alarm. This means that it will sense both the shock of breaking glass as well as the frequency of the sound and activate an alarm in those incidents.


In trying to keep your sliding doors  but mostly your home safe, you need to consider that you should not limit access in the event of an emergency so that you are not trapped inside your own home. These sliding door locks that we have recommended in this article will ensure that you always have easy access to your home and the best of security when there is an attempted break-in.

Securing your sliding doors are a serious business and needs to be done by the best locksmith service in Naples FL. We can help you choose the best sliding door locks for your home. Contact us today on 239-227-3487 for a free estimate. For Commercial, House & Car Locksmith services


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