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Top Smart Locks 2016/2017

Top Smart Locks 2016/2017


That Won’t Allow You to Use Keys
Forget about those lock with keys that your grandfather was once habituated to use.

Now it is the time to replace the age-old locks of your door and instead install the keypad or digital locks. These are smart, effective and more secured. Once you install them at home or at the workplace, you will be assured with optimal safety and security.
Let’s take a look on the best smart lock of 2016/2017 so that you can choose the best option for you.

KwikSet Kevo


Kwikset Kevo, designed and manufactured by the Unikey is the first ever smart Lock in the market. The features available with this smart lock are pretty compatible with its affordable price (yes, smart locks are quite expensive). Regarding the reliability of this lock, it can easily beat most of the bugs surrounding your place. The Bluetooth proximity sensing of this lock facilitates you not even taking out the phone from your packet.
In fact, this smart lock solution can be installed by yourself and you can also grant eKeys to other members and guests, though there is an additional cost for this service.
This year Kevo has released its next-gen smart lock model that is 40 percent smaller than its predecessors, all metal versions and of course, a little more stylish. The new Kevo is accurately compatible with Android Wear, Ring video doorbells, Nest, Moto 360 smart watches, Wi-Fi thermostats and so on.




Are you looking for typical North American style cylindrical type keypad lock? Then August can be your best solution where you need to replace the latch inside instead of replacing the entire lock. You need to use a Bluetooth connection from your mobile device to open the lock as you approach. Don’t worry when your smartphone or the lock runs out of battery as you can also use a key.

Once you move 100 feet away from the door, August automatically locks the door after a certain time. August Smart Lock HomeKit comes with Apple HomeKit so that the iPhone owners easily use Siri to lock and unlock their doors just with their voice commands.
And if you ever find that the using your smartphone to open the door wireless takes longer time than digging out the keys, you have the freedom to add a two-column smart keypad for keyless entry using a PIN code. This facility is particularly for your smartphone-less relatives for accessing the door.

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt


Schlage offers full peace of mind and ultimate security to its smart lock users by providing four opening options: an enlightened touchscreen numeric keypad, tapping through Bluetooth on an icon in the Schlage iOS app, (every Apple Store today selling schlage sense smart Deadbolt lock)
a standard key and Siri voice command available with Apple Homekit compatibility.

It has a deadbolt set up that you can install just by running a screwdriver. You don’t need to spend for buying extra keypads. From outside, a standard keyhole with a flat area is visible where you can assign personalized key code combinations for your family members, friends and service workers. There is a built-in alarm that warns you when someone tries to futz with the lock.


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Top smart locks 2016/2017
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Top smart locks 2016/2017
Top Smart Locks 2016/2017 That Won’t Allow You to Use Keys Forget about those lock with keys that your grandfather was once habituated to use.
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