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Best Smart Locks 2021

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (2019), a burglary happens once every 30 seconds and unfortunately only 25% of Americans are fully equipped with a home security system to protect them and their property from burglars. Forty percent does not do anything, not even checking their surroundings for possible ways of intrusion or entry, to deter these thieves at all. 


In a study conducted by Statista (2018), it was revealed that burglaries usually rise by 10% between June and August. It is almost as if when the temperature rises, the number of burglaries hike with it as well. With these facts and figures, all the more that households must revisit their security efforts especially during this challenging phase of our lifetime, the COVID-19 pandemic, when a lot of people have lost income and livelihood.


It is always high time to consider getting insurance, placing security cameras and investing for convenience, heightened security, automation and serenity. Before you start, shipping smart locks and other security essentials. Here is a quick runthrough of some of the best digitized door locks this year:

  • Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt.

Top of the line, certified commercial grade 1 and guarded best in residential security, durability and sleek finish by industry experts, this smart lock will definitely not disappoint. One of the key features that many like about this is that you can remotely lock and unlock from anywhere at any time through the use of the Schlage home app or Key by the Amazon app. While you are at it, enjoy its voice command feature via Alexa or your Google Assistant. Unlike the others, Schlage Encode does not need an add-on accessory to connect to it as it will, by itself, automatically connect to your Wi-Fi signal much like your laptop. Enjoy your peace of mind since this smart guy has a built-in alarm technology which senses potential security breaches.


It is highly recommended for big families since you can create and manage up to 100 access codes, perfect for trusted friends and family. Impress them with this lock’s fingerprint-resistant capacitive touchscreen and its reliable response to a one-touch locking.


Whatever your house’s exterior design, Schlage Encode got you covered with its variety of styles and finishes. It also does not cost a sweat installing this, it is guaranteed to fit standard doors and you only need a screwdriver. With its Unique Snap N’ Stay technology, you just snap the deadbolt onto the door and that is it.


With Schlage Encode’s limited lifetime mechanical and finish warranty, three-year electronics warranty and its manufacturer’s experience in the industry for more than 95 years, all the more that this makes it worth the investment.

  • Google Nest Yale Lock 

This is a perfect alternative to the standard deadbolt lock. One notable feature is that it is secure and tamper proof, meaning that if someone attempts to modify or tamper it, you will get notified right away. 


The Google Nest Yale Lock is bundled with the Nest Connect range extender which can enable you to use the Nest app as a remote to access the lock and unlock functions of your door. Download the Nest app for both Android and iOs so you can lock or let someone in even from a distance. For hands-free locking and unlocking, do it via your Google Assistant. You can create 20 passcodes for access via the keypad so that your family and trusted friends can just come in while you are at the lawn or in the kitchen. The Nest app will notify you when someone logs the passcode in anyway. If you are uncomfortable giving them such, schedule when to let them in. If the Google Nest recognizes that you are away, the door will lock itself automatically.

  • August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Generation)

Smaller than its previous models, this smart lock comes with bigger features. It works as an upgrade to your current lock since you can just easily attach it to your existing deadbolt and use the same keys. For keyless entry, since the August Wi-Fi also comes


with a retrofitted August lock and an open-close sensor, its auto-unlock feature detects when you have arrived and automatically unlocks the door for you. 


Also, since you do not need to buy additional tech modules, you can connect it straight right out of its box. It requires no additional bridge to connect to your home Wi-Fi so the voice command and remote access can be achieved easily. This smartie works with Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa for voice control and smart home integration. Another feature many loved is that you can send unlimited user access codes. Do not worry about having your guests’ access unmonitored because the August Wi-Fi logs every action done by each code so ensure you send a unique one for each guest. This smart lock is easy to install, use and fully capable of everything a smart lock should be. 


While you may get blinded by these locks’ technological advantages and features, you must not neglect the main reason why you are getting it — security. It can come without a voice command or without the remote access and still protect you, your belongings and your family away from burglars and other crimes.



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