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Best Smart Locks of 2020


A smartlockcomes in many shapes and capabilities; some have a key and some do not, Others have remote that can be controlled from your phone. Some even have a camera with a motion sensor.
As a locksmith, I have installed and used different types of locksand I would like to share my experience.

1. Schlage encode

Schlage is my top choice when it comes to locks. Schlage have been in the market for a long time and their products holds in great condition for decades.schlage encode smart lock

Schlage have special ways to protect your lock:

  •  Anti pick pins
  • Anti drill plate on the lock and the cylinder
  • Lockalarm
  • 24/7 monitor from your phone from anywhere
  1. Schlage encode have a keypad for pin codes.
  2. Key override in case your lockis out of battery or failed for some other reason.
  3. Lockcan be unlocked remotely from your phone.

 Benefits of phone control:
Lockcan be monitored and unlocked remotely.
You can schedule a time that a specific pin code should or should not work.
You can see a full history of who unlocked the lockand when.

Can you install it yourself?
Absolutely! All you need is a screwdriver and the instructions.

2. Gate Smart lock

What do they include?gate smart lock

  • Keypad
  • Key override
  • Phone remote control
  • Camera with motion sensor
  • An option to call to and from your phone while looking at the camera

A Gate Lockgives you a variety of options to control your door remotely from your phone.
It’s great for airbnb, or home rentals. When guest are arriving they can just click the call button and you can see them through the camera and then unlock it. It can also be great way to ensue that your package are delivered safely. Additionally, there is an option to subscribe for live streaming.

3. Nest X Yale

Yale is a great brand, one of the oldest lockcompanies in the world.
This lockis a total keyless lock. As such, there is no key override needed. In case the lockran out of battery, you can connect a 9w battery under the lockand use it to unlock your door and then change the battery positioned inside the lock.

What is included with Nest X Yale?Nest X Yale

  • keypad
  • Remote phone control
  • Scheduled pin code access

The lockcan also be purchased with an nest hub to easily connect the lockto the wifi network. It is Easy to install and setup.
The only issue with a total keyless system is in case (not common) of a mechanical issue with the lockin which there would be no way to unlock it without drilling it.


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