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Sliding Glass Door Lock – The forgotten Doors

You just bought a new home and you call us to rekey your locks, you ask us to rekey often times your front door, side door and garage door….. what happens to your sliders???? How do you secure your patio access? Sliders are the most vulnerable doors and the easiest to break into. They are […]

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High Security Locks – Are they worth the $$?

This is a very complex question, and the answer is going to be “sometimes”. The answer also differs greatly from commercial and residential application. Are high-security locks worth it? Is a question two types of customers may ask? The first type of customer may be looking for extra protection on a budget, in this case, […]

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Best Smart Locks 2021

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (2019), a burglary happens once every 30 seconds and unfortunately only 25% of Americans are fully equipped with a home security system to protect them and their property from burglars. Forty percent does not do anything, not even checking their surroundings for possible ways of intrusion or entry, […]

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Can a locksmith make a key from a lock

Can a locksmith make a key from a lock? “Working backwards” its not a easy task, and with locksmithing is no exception. Have you ever wondered what happens if a locksmith needs to recover a key and the original key is lost or broken? Often, they will use the lock to make a new key. […]

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What Are the Safest Lock?

What is the Safest Lock? When choosing the right lock for your door, there are key elements to take into consideration such as style, finish, safety, security, and cost. Different door locks are designed for distinct doors due to their specific locking mechanism. For example. deadbolt door locks are typically used on exterior doors such […]

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Is Schlage or Kwikset Better?

Schlage VS Kwikset If you are reading this article, chances are you trying to decide what type of locks to purchase for your home. Schlage or Kwikset? That seems to be the question on every new homeowner’s mind. While they are certainly not the only two lock options, they are known as the top sellers, […]

How to change safe battery when safe battery is dead

An electronic safe is a very effective way t store valuables, important paperwork, etc. One disadvantage is that eventually, its battery will need to be changed. Don’t worry, though. By following the steps in this guide, your safe should be usable in no time. A battery should last an average of two years. Try to check them […]

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What’s keypad? should you own one?

Keypad locks are a specific type of lock that operate somewhat differently from “traditional” ones. Here are some facts you may not have known about them. Keypad locks work by requiring a user to enter a numerical code on a designated keypad to unlock the deadbolt or lock. Entering the correct code generates a small electrical current to […]


What’s a car key and how does it work

Do you know what a transponder Car key is? This article will tell you what it is, how it works, and how you can get one if you wish.  A transponder Auto key has a small transponder chip in it that communicates with a transceiver (small antenna ring around a car’s ignition cylinder) to allow […]

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Best Bike Locks

Before getting into the discussion of which Bike Lock is best, you must assure yourself about the bike locks, their features, benefits, usage, and safety they can provide.  Bike locks provide a sense of safety and security to the rider that too in times of uncertainty. Bikes provide feasibility and convenience and let you get […]