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Lost Your Car Key

Lost Your Car Keys? Have you lost your car keys?  What should you do now? It may be dropped somewhere while you have been purchasing a product at the supermarket or left the car key somewhere and forgot about it. In the middle of the parking, you trying emptying the pocket to find your car […]


Top Smart Locks 2016/2017

Schlage offers full peace of mind and ultimate security to its smart lock users by providing four opening options: an enlightened touchscreen numeric keypad, tapping through Bluetooth on an icon in the Schlage iOS app, (every Apple Store today selling schlage sense smart Deadbolt lock) a standard key and Siri voice command available with Apple […]


Locks To Trust

Locks to Trust 10 Brands of Door Locks that you can trust. For your home and office, most of the people rely on the best brands of door locks. Diverse ranges of models are found with the due locks now-a-days. It is important to buy trusted brands from the market exclusively. Both advantages and disadvantage […]


Frequently Asked Questions1. Is it possible to achieve desired result with cheap safe for retail outlet or home store? By buying an affordable safe, desired results can be obtained. Before buying a safe for retail store, you can consult with one of our professionals locksmith. In this way, you may able to know which one [...]

South West Florida is a Safe Area

South West Florida is a Safe Area? Do not believe any thing you read about south west Florida safety!, According to the research web site (The site based on FBI violent reports and 100,000 residents average.) In Sw-Florida there are 4 cities rank in the top 50 safeties cities in Florida, Marco island The […]

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7 Reasons why Car Locksmith and not your Dealer

 7 Reasons why Car Locksmith and not your Dealer   1. A car locksmith will provide you key 24 hours 7 days services.   2. Car mobile locksmith is mobile and  will help you everywhere you are!, dealers doesn’t come to you.   3. Locksmith do it on the spot no wait time like with a dealer. […]

Keyless Lock VS. Keyed Lock

Secure Your House

Secure Your House Why to secure you’re house?  People think the only important reason it’s for thieves. There is another important reason Peace and no fear when you’re house it’s secure you can go to sleep with peace, when your leaving the house you know your stuff secure in you’re on house. People tend to […]

10 Reasons To Replace A Lock

10 Reasons To Replace Your Locks Replace of a Lock it’s always good idea when you can afford it. If it’s to expensive you can with the rekey locks way.   10 reasons to replace a lock:   1. replace of a lock will get you a new keys. 2. replace of a lock will […]

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5 Reasons To Rekey Your Locks

When To Rekey Your Locks: Rekey Services     1. Rekeying of a lock it’s the cheap & fast is best way to have new key to your door lock.   2. When you moved to new house, You don’t want any previous residents to have access to your house Best and cheap is way to prevent […]

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Naples Locksmith 24/7 in florida

Naples Locksmith 24/7 in florida customers security is our priority! Our locksmiths is not like all others locksmith in naples, why us? Our locksmiths team train for unlocking car/ house/ commercial For more then 100 HOURS! We are the fastest locksmith in naples fl we are near every location in swfl less then 20 minutes. We […]