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Best ways to Secure your business 24/7

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Securing Your Business: Commercial Locksmith Services Offered by Naples Locksmith 24/7

Welcome to the Naples Locksmith 24/7 blog! In this post, we will discuss the crucial role of commercial locksmith services in ensuring the security of your business premises. As a business owner, protecting your assets, employees, and sensitive information is paramount. Read on to discover the range of essential commercial locksmith services provided by Naples […]

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What’s keypad? should you own one?

Keypad locks are a specific type of lock that operate somewhat differently from “traditional” ones. Here are some facts you may not have known about them. Keypad locks work by requiring a user to enter a numerical code on a designated keypad to unlock the deadbolt or lock. Entering the correct code generates a small electrical current to […]

Best Smart Locks of 2020

Introduction A smart lock comes in many shapes and capabilities; some have a key and some do not, Others have remote that can be controlled from your phone. Some even have a camera with a motion sensor. As a locksmith, I have installed and used different types of locks and I would like to share my knowledge. 1. […]

Top Tips When Buying A Safe

Guide of top 10 tips for First Time Safe Buyers When purchasing a safe for the first time, there’s more to it than just walking into a store and asking which one they recommend. There are a lot of facts that you should consider. Getting the right-safe for you depends on you understanding all the factors […]

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How To Find A Locksmith near you

There is a lot of resources online to find a locksmith: google, bing, yahoo, yelp, Facebook, aloa and more… How to find a professional locksmith for a reasonable price? Do not click on advertising sites, why? This advertising method is more expensive, and companies who use this method usually will charge more to cover the […]

Lock Price VS Security

Lock Cost vs Security

A Guide to Understanding Door Lock Prices vs Security Any homeowner or real estate developer will tell you the importance of using quality materials for the development of your properties. Why spend all that money building the house and then skimp on fixing quality door locks on it? There is always a disparity between cost […]


What Does a Locksmith Do?

Quick Navigation Navigate swiftly to the information you need by clicking on the topics below: What services does a locksmith provide? Exploring the locksmith’s workplace Most commonly used lock brands in the USA Popular lock models in the USA Cost of mobile locksmith services How a locksmith unlocks a car Unlocking a house door lock: […]

Securing your business

Securing your business

Securing your business   It is important to keep your business safe as possible as you have your valuables as well as that of your clients to safeguard. Theft may lead to loss of property that can be replaced but the reputational damage could be immense. Having a security breach has even led to some […]

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Security Trends For 2017

HOME, BUSINESS AND CAR SECURITY TRENDS 2017 Every year, new trend emerge that change the face of safety and security. Some of these will take hold and become the standard for coming years. Others may not have so much of the staying power. We however examine a few trends which safety and locksmith experts have […]