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What’s a car key and how does it work

Do you know what a transponder Car key is? This article will tell you what it is, how it works, and how you can get one if you wish.  A transponder Auto key has a small transponder chip in it that communicates with a transceiver (small antenna ring around a car’s ignition cylinder) to allow […]

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How To Find A Locksmith near you

There is a lot of resources online to find a locksmith: google, bing, yahoo, yelp, Facebook, aloa and more… How to find a professional locksmith for a reasonable price? Do not click on advertising sites, why? This advertising method is more expensive, and companies who use this method usually will charge more to cover the […]


What Does a Locksmith Do?

Quick Navigation Navigate swiftly to the information you need by clicking on the topics below: What services does a locksmith provide? Exploring the locksmith’s workplace Most commonly used lock brands in the USA Popular lock models in the USA Cost of mobile locksmith services How a locksmith unlocks a car Unlocking a house door lock: […]

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CAR KEY, FOB KEY & CHIPS Definition of a key: A key is a device , usually made of metal, that is used to gain access to locks, car ignitions etc. Keys as a part of our lives: We all use keys daily for a variety of purposes; different apartments and rooms, our car, often we even […]

Cars Most Likely To Be Stolen

CARS MOST LIKELY TO BE STOLEN When we talk about cars being stolen, there is no way to leave out any car as being less at risk than another. Everywhere in the country, car theft is an issue that does not appear to be getting any closer to an end. Even lemons are at risk […]

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Security Trends For 2017

HOME, BUSINESS AND CAR SECURITY TRENDS 2017 Every year, new trend emerge that change the face of safety and security. Some of these will take hold and become the standard for coming years. Others may not have so much of the staying power. We however examine a few trends which safety and locksmith experts have […]

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Mercedes Benz Door Unlock

Lost Your Mercedes Benz Car Key? Remote Door Unlock with your Phone Mercedes Benz has been a pioneer in keyless entry technology for cars since 1998. They introduced one of the earliest keyless systems. With the introduction of the mbrace app, Mercedes Benz owners can unlock their cars remotely. What is Remote Door Unlock? It […]


Lost Your Car Key

Lost Your Car Keys? Have you lost your car keys?  What should you do now? It may be dropped somewhere while you have been purchasing a product at the supermarket or left the car key somewhere and forgot about it. In the middle of the parking, you trying emptying the pocket to find your car […]

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7 Reasons why Car Locksmith and not your Dealer

 7 Reasons why Car Locksmith and not your Dealer   1. A car locksmith will provide you key 24 hours 7 days services.   2. Car mobile locksmith is mobile and  will help you everywhere you are!, dealers doesn’t come to you.   3. Locksmith do it on the spot no wait time like with a dealer. […]