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Cars Most Likely To Be Stolen


When we talk about cars being stolen, there is no way to leave out any car as being less at risk than another. Everywhere in the country, car theft is an issue that does not appear to be getting any closer to an end. Even lemons are at risk of being stripped for spare parts. Recent studies have shown however that while every car is at risk of being broken into and stolen, there are some car models that seem to be more attractive to car thieves than others. We have tried to compile a list of the most frequently stolen cars and some information for use on how to prevent your car from being stolen.

Honda Accord

More than fifty thousand Honda Accords were stolen around the country, the most common years stolen were 1996, 1997 and 1994. The reason why it is the most stolen car in America is because it is one of the most prevalent car models in the country so it is readily available in good supply.

Honda Civic

This is also stolen a lot because it is the go-to cars for most suburban families. It’s a classic family car and the older versions are quite easy to break into, hotwire and steal. The newer models are a bit more difficult to pilfer due to the technological advances made in car security.

Ford F-Series Full Size Pickup

About 28,000 F-Series Pickups were stolen in the United States. There has not yet emerged a solid reason why this Pickup is a favorite for thieves but it is worth noting that the parts are valuable which may motivate thieves.

Chevrolet Full Size Pickup

The model years of the Chevrolet Pickup most likely to be stolen are 1999, 2003 and 2004. It is a very common car and a preferred alternative to a regular sedan for most families.

Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry cars, especially the 1991 models are very commonly stolen because they have a very vulnerable locking mechanism that has overtime become very fruitless at keeping out burglars.

You can prevent your car from being stolen with the following tips:
– Always lock your car no matter how close by your destination is. It is always safer to lock your car once you are not in it.
– Find ways to make your car look more secure. Security stickers usually deter most car thieves for fear of the car being tracked or an alarm going off
– Ensure you keep all your valuables away from view. Bags, phones, watches, laptops and wallets must always be kept hidden in the trunk or the glove box. Do not leave behind any source of temptation for thieves
– Make sure you park your car in safe, well-lit places where there are people around. If you notice the building near you has a CCTV camera, park close to it. Thieves do not want to be caught on camera breaking into a car.
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