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deadbolt vs. door knob - Naples Locksmith 24:7

Deadbolt for a safer home

Deadbolt must be installed on any entrance door to your house.

Doorknob is not enough to secure your doors. 

6 Reasons:

  1. Credit card bypass.
  2.  Easy to break it with hardware tools.
  3. Air bags bypass.
  4. Easy to move latch with screw driver.
  5. Easy to kick the door.
  6. Quick cylinder puller tool.

deadbolt has a long bolt which makes kicking the door very hard, no bypass option because the bolt won’t move with bypass tools, and the deadbolt won’t allow positioning of hardware tools on a lock to break it.

The only ways to unlock a deadbolt are :

– To use a key,
– To pick the lock,
– To drill the lock.

Those were the main reasons you should install a deadbolt on any of your house doors.

When should you install 2 sided deadbolt cylinder?

When your window is close to your door, a 2 sided deadbolt is a must.

Why? If you put a standard dead bolt, burglar will break the window and gain access to your home reaching the deadbolt and unlocking it from the inside.

2 sided cylinder requires a key to unlock it from inside so it will slow or stop the bulgar from gaining access to your home.

It is a great solution for kids.

If you have kids and you don’t want them to be able to unlock the door and wonder out, a 2 sided lock is the perfect solution.

Do not mistake, doorknob are still good to slow down a burglar but not to fully secure your home.

TIP:  Constructions companies often install the deadbolt but won’t drill the frame deep enough for the bolt to go all the way through, that’s a big security issue. If the bolt is not turned all the way anyone can use a simple screw driver and open your door in a matter of seconds.

Walk now to your front door and check the door open and closed, to make sure that the bolt moving all the way through.

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And we will secure your doors so you can sleep in peace


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