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How to change safe battery when safe battery is dead

An electronic safe is a very effective way t store valuables, important paperwork, etc. One disadvantage is that eventually, its battery will need to be changed. Don’t worry, though. By following the steps in this guide, your safe should be usable in no time.

A battery should last an average of two years. Try to check them at least this often because if left alone too long, they will corrode. You’ll often know that your safe’s batteries will need to be changed soon when you hear beeping after you enter the safe’s combination, or if a low battery earning flashes on the display. However, some older and/or cheaper models won’t warn you. Each type of safe will have a different lock mechanism, and there are three main types:

1. Digital keypad lock with override key

This type will have a key you can use to open the safe if the battery is depleted or lock mechanism fails. Do not store the override key in the safe! If your battery is dead, you will need to use the override key to open the safe to charge the battery. To access the battery, there should be a removable panel to the side of the keypad. Opening this will uncover the lock and allow you to insert the key. If you don’t have the override key for any reason, you can usually contact a locksmith to help you.

2. Digital lock with batteries within the keypad

The battery compartment will be under or behind the keypad and have a tiny hole for removal. You will need a nine-volt battery (the same kind found in smoke alarms) and a small jeweler’s screwdriver or paper clip. (If using a paper clip, be sure to straighten it out first.) First, insert the tool into the small plastic panel below the keypad and to the right of the keyhole. Slide the panel to the right and remove the old battery. Next, carefully remove its wire connector. (The wire connector has snaps similar to clothing, that should pull off easily.) After that, go ahead and snap this connector onto the new battery. (It will be polarized and only slide in one way.) Carefully put the battery into the compartment, being sure to keep the wires out from under the cover so they don’t get pinched when it closes. Put the cover back in its slots and slide it back into position using the screwdriver or paper clip.

3. Digital lock with emergency power supply connection

There will be an emergency battery connection point on the keypad. The actual battery is inside the safe and cannot be accessed when the safe is locked. If you have this type of safe and the battery is dead, you will need to get a 9-volt battery and hold it against the connection points until you have the power necessary to enter the security code.

Replacing the batteries for an electronic safe is not too difficult, especially if you know the type you have.

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