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how to find a locksmith

How To Find A Locksmith near you

There is a lot of resources online to find a locksmith: google, bing, yahoo, yelp, Facebook, aloa and more…

How to find a professional locksmith for a reasonable price?

Do not click on advertising sites, why?

This advertising method is more expensive, and companies who use this method usually will charge more to cover the costs. 
There are a lot of scammers on the ads that will charge you twice or triple of a legit locksmith.

Another helpful advice is making sure you are using a local locksmith company. They are usually smaller and more dedicated to the city and its residents.


Google is a great place to look for a locksmith, or any service company because they present all their available information: business address, reviews, photos, and more details.. , I always recommend to pass the ads and get a legit locksmith with good reviews to secure your house/business.

Google will verify a  locksmith company’s license and insurance before they publish them at google business.


Yelp is also a great place to look for a locksmith, you can find on yelp  the business name, address, photo and information about the business.

Yelp reviews are known for not always being reliable, so take that under consideration when searching on yelp.

Yelp verifies most businesses license before business appears on yelp.


As you know bing is one of the best search engines in the world.

At bing they pull business information and reviews from online directories, you can find business names, addresses, photos, reviews from different sources.

The downside is bing have a lot of spam listings so be aware.


Yahoo is similar to bing.

Next door:

Next door is one of the greatest places to find any home services around you, why? Because in next door you can that your neighbor recommend them or even left them a bad review! this is a really helpful site to find the right locksmith.


(Associated Locksmith of America)

The number one place to find a legit locksmith (membership cost hundreds for a year, so not all legit locksmith companies will have one).

Any locksmith that appear on their site been checked and verified as a legit, professional locksmith that will never scam you.


Facebook started showing local business. What I love about Facebook is that they don’t play with reviews or charging membership fees from the business, in Facebook you can find the locksmith photos, review, website, posts, what people comment, for example, I find it very helpful and tend to check businesses on Facebook to see what customers think about them.

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