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Keyless Lock VS. Keyed Lock

Secure Your House

Secure Your House

Why to secure you’re house?

 People think the only important reason it’s for thieves.

There is another important reason
Peace and no fear when you’re house it’s secure you can go to sleep with peace, when your leaving the house you know your stuff secure in you’re on house.

People tend to say to my house the thieves will not come,
But the thieves doesn’t know who you are, they doesn’t care they just want the value stuff in your house.

To live peacefully you I have to be Secure!

I’m a locksmith and I’m giving you for free ways to secure your house plus photos ant youtube videos.

secure you're home 30 tips naples locksmith 24 7
secure you’re home 30 tips naples locksmith 24 7


1: do not leave anything is valuable People can see through your windows  or doors.

2: make your house look like a secure place, (Sticker out of the door, like the house have alarm system, the house have cameras ).
3: secure you’re windows it’s the vulnerable place in the house.
4: sliding doors are easy to unlock Add extra security to your sliding doors today.

5: do not have any window close to the door lock because they will break the window and open the door.
6: a large door for cat / dog can be a way to go into your house make sure to close it.
7: if you have air conditioner in the window make sure to secure it.
8: do not leave hidden key close to your house, put it in the next street if someone find he will never know what door it’s belong to.
9: turn on the light outside in front of the house.
10: if you leaving the house make timer for your light you can buy for few dollars in Walmart.
11: check your windows locks (whole of them) if they are working good.
12: check the house locks and replace the weak lock,

13: always park your CAR into the garage then when you leave the house no one knew it.
14: never leave notes on the door the you left (for mail, friends,)
15: protect your garage door like the front door it’s the same way in.
16: us metal doors for whole doors or strong door from any other type.
17: add life cameras to your house the you can see it on your phone/ computer, if someone breaks in you can call the police right away.
18: add alarm system. If someone break in and the alarm turn on and He will run a way, and the police will come to your house to check it.
19: always choose schlage locks over kwikset locks, schlage are more secure! Check for ss on the lock ss is stainless steel, they are tough to unlock event for locksmith.
20: make sure you have deadbolt on your door doorknob are not secure.
21: we recommend to install high security locks if you can afford it It’s almost un-pickable un-possible To drill or to break (it’s about 180$ for a lock).
22: when you/ a locksmith install the lock make sure to put long screws to install the lock.
23: do not leave cover place around your house the burger targeting house It’s easy to hide and break in cut trees And remove any other cover.
24: buglers don’t take a vacation ask friends to pick you’re mail buglers target house they see the mail full.
25: store your valuable stuff in a safe
 26: leave a loyal dog in to the house.
27: be friend with your neighbors It’s worth it.
28: install Motion Sensor .
29: install on your glasses doors Reinforced glass.
30: call a Naples Locksmith 24/7 for free or if you not in Naples, FL. contact locksmith around you’re place to check your house and tell you what you should do to improve you’re home security.
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secure your house
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