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Keyless Lock VS. Keyed Lock

Keyless Lock VS. Keyed Lock

Keyless Lock vs. keyed Lock





   Security is an important concern when building a home. Doors are not just an entry point but also provide a level of privacy and sense of security. But having a door isn’t enough. It needs to be secured. How do you do that?
Locks. They were invented by someone who created locks for banks. Linus Yale Sr. went on to create many more things but his invention of locks has done humanity a lot of good. The lock he invented went through several iterations and it has taken a shape that perhaps he wouldn’t have envisaged for it.
All due to man’s quest for something better.
But man is also forgetful. Very often he forgets the keys to the lock and sometimes even forgets to lock the door!
The answer to the above problems is a keyless lock. Digital locks or electronic locks make it easy for you not to lose keys and get yourself in a sticky situation. Initially it was available only to the wealthy for securing their estates but these days their prices have come down. Electronic locks provide entry with one of these means – RFID, keypad, biometric, and Bluetooth.


Electronic locks


of earlier days had a keypad for the person to key in the pin. Newer models have a touch-screen panel and include security features to prevent thieves from figuring out the secret code.
RFID or radio frequency identification locks use card or key fob and don’t require you to keep a fob in your purse. Bluetooth locks sense the smartphone’s Bluetooth ID and open the lock when you approach it. These locks also have a secondary means of opening just in case you forget the pin or lose your fob key.

Biometric locks


use the fingerprint system to allow people to access the premise. People mostly use it in our cellphones and laptops too. When setting the system you program the fingerprints you think you will allow access to and only these are acceptable to the system.

Smart technologies of today allow you to open locks remotely using an app. If you are on vacation and the lock opens it’s will detected by your home’s lock system it send you an alert. You can unlock the door for your neighbor to enter and do the needful after which you can again lock it. These locks integrate with your home’s automated security system and protection and are the future of the smart homes.
Several companies in the market manufacture electronic locks.
As far as forgetting keys are concerned, manual locks suffer from that disadvantage. They require locksmiths to unlock them. However electronic locks use PIN which too a person may forget. Though it is possible that at least one member of the family remembers and is able to unlock it.

Electronic locks


are still expensive and may not be appropriate for every home. They need batteries to operate and if the battery goes dead before you remember to replace it and you are outside, you are locked out.

There is one smart lock for situations like it
Samsung SHS-3200 & 3321
You have on the side of the lock a backup 9 wallet battery for situation you battery is out.


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Keyless Lock VS. Keyed Lock
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