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Lock Price VS Security

Lock Cost vs Security

A Guide to Understanding Door Lock Prices vs Security

Any homeowner or real estate developer will tell you the importance of using quality materials for the development of your properties. Why spend all that money building the house and then skimp on fixing quality door locks on it?

There is always a disparity between cost of building materials and the quantity, and while one may invariably want to minimize cost, you should also consider getting the best-quality materials to develop your home. The door security system falls under this category in disparity between the cost of the door lock and security.

It goes without saying that the security of your property is paramount to your well-being and the safety of your properties and loved ones, and that is why you must be mindful about the kind of door lock you get installed in your house as well as the cost.

There are so many factors that will determine the cost of security of your property and some of them include the preference of the home owners, the cost and demand for the door lock system, the mechanism within the door lock system and so many more factors.

And all these factors raise the question, does spending much on the door lock system guarantee security? The truth is that the price does not really determine how secure the lock system will be, but that does not also mean that you should not invest money in buying quality items. As common sense will tell us, most low-price door lock systems will surely be inferior in terms of the mechanism, quality of materials used and therefore will be less secured than the costly once.

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Cost vs Security When Deciding on Door Lock Systems

when choosing a door lock system for your property, the security of your property does come over the cost of the door lock. However, that does not necessarily mean you will have to break the bank and get the most expensive door lock system.

A good example is that the ANSI Grade 1 door lock is more expensive than the Grade 2 door lock, but you can build a good security system around the Grade 2 door lock if you do can’t afford the grade 1 door lock system. So it is also important that you know what the various systems can offer in terms of security for your property and get the one that will suit your budget.

Factors Influencing Door Lock Price

It is important that you understand the various factors that determines the price of the door lock systems. By understanding these influencing factors you will be getting the best door lock security system with the cost in mind.


     1. The type of door lock:


The conventional lock has transformed a lot in the past few years. These days, most common, safe locks are the smart locks, which are automated. The smart locks are cost more than our ordinary conventional locks that have been around for years. That is because they involve a number of new technologies, making production more expensive.  However, the smart locks which are common in residential areas, are not always the safest lock to secure your home, due to their cyber threat vulnerability. 


     2. The Grade of the door lock:


Another factor which  could help determine the price of a door lock is the grade of the door lock system which is set by ANSI – America National Standard Institute. Door locks are graded according to the strength to withstand force and to stand the test of time. Grade 1 are higher in terms of quality and are more expensive than Grade 2. Thus, with the security of your home and properties in mind, you will always want to opt for a Grade 1 door lock system.

     3. The Installation process:


Installing a door lock is not an easy task, and you will need the services of a professional Locksmith in Naples FL to install the lock on your door. Smart locks are more expensive to fix than the traditional door locks, and you will have to add the payment for this service to the cost of the door lock. The installation process is not easy, and it varies with the kind of door lock and the type of door. You can decide to install the door lock system yourself to save cost, but you will have to sacrifice your time and ensure that it is properly fixed. If you won’t install it correctly you might make it a vulnerable spot of entry for burglars and sometimes you might even lock yourself our or in the house! It is always a better idea to call a professional.


     4. The Brand of the door lock:


Popular brands tend to be costlier because they have built a reputation regarding their products quality and are usually endorsed by experts in the industry. This is why some brands of door locks are costly but not necessarily the best when it comes to market value.

We have come to understand that the cost of door lock systems goes beyond just the market price, as it also includes securing your properties and your well being. And even though the cost and security of a door lock system contradict in some ways, being expensive may not guarantee security, we have come to the conclusion that inferior products also won’t guarantee security.

If you do not know anything about security door locks, always employ the services of a professional, especially when it comes to installing your door lock system, to save time and install properly.

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