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Sliding Glass Door Lock – The forgotten Doors

You just bought a new home and you call us to rekey your locks, you ask us to rekey often times your front door, side door and garage door….. what happens to your sliders???? How do you secure your patio access? Sliders are the most vulnerable doors and the easiest to break into. They are […]

High Security Locks – Are they worth the $$?

This is a very complex question, and the answer is going to be “sometimes”. The answer also differs greatly from commercial and residential application. Are high-security locks worth it? Is a question two types of customers may ask? The first type of customer may be looking for extra protection on a budget, in this case, […]

Best Smart Locks 2021

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (2019), a burglary happens once every 30 seconds and unfortunately only 25% of Americans are fully equipped with a home security system to protect them and their property from burglars. Forty percent does not do anything, not even checking their surroundings for possible ways of intrusion or entry, […]

Can a locksmith make a key from a lock

Can a locksmith make a key from a lock? “Working backwards” its not a easy task, and with locksmithing is no exception. Have you ever wondered what happens if a locksmith needs to recover a key and the original key is lost or broken? Often, they will use the lock to make a new key. […]

What Are the Safest Lock?

What is the Safest Lock? When choosing the right lock for your door, there are key elements to take into consideration such as style, finish, safety, security, and cost. Different door locks are designed for distinct doors due to their specific locking mechanism. For example. deadbolt door locks are typically used on exterior doors such […]

Is Schlage or Kwikset Better?

Schlage VS Kwikset If you are reading this article, chances are you trying to decide what type of locks to purchase for your home. Schlage or Kwikset? That seems to be the question on every new homeowner’s mind. While they are certainly not the only two lock options, they are known as the top sellers, […]

How to change safe battery when safe battery is dead

An electronic safe is a very effective way t store valuables, important paperwork, etc. One disadvantage is that eventually, its battery will need to be changed. Don’t worry, though. By following the steps in this guide, your safe should be usable in no time. A battery should last an average of two years. Try to check them […]

What’s keypad? should you own one?

Keypad locks are a specific type of lock that operate somewhat differently from “traditional” ones. Here are some facts you may not have known about them. Keypad locks work by requiring a user to enter a numerical code on a designated keypad to unlock the deadbolt or lock. Entering the correct code generates a small electrical current to […]

What’s a car key and how does it work

Do you know what a transponder Car key is? This article will tell you what it is, how it works, and how you can get one if you wish.  A transponder Auto key has a small transponder chip in it that communicates with a transceiver (small antenna ring around a car’s ignition cylinder) to allow […]

Advanced upgrades for a Safer Home

When most people think of home security, the first items they think of are home alarm systems. This is a great place to start, but there are additional major safety issues you haven’t thought of. The following 4 suggestions are simple and can make a big difference for your home security.   1. Upgrade Your […]

Best Bike Locks

Before getting into the discussion of which Bike Lock is best, you must assure yourself about the bike locks, their features, benefits, usage, and safety they can provide.  Bike locks provide a sense of safety and security to the rider that too in times of uncertainty. Bikes provide feasibility and convenience and let you get […]

How to change a code on a keyless / smart lock of Schlage, Kwikset and Wiser.

Schlage Residential locks code change. You will need a 6 digits programming code that you received with owner manual. Also located on the back of the keypad, lock must be removed from the door to be able to find it. On encode model code just remove the battery cover from the inside. To add or […]

Best Smart Locks of 2020

Introduction A smart lock comes in many shapes and capabilities; some have a key and some do not, Others have remote that can be controlled from your phone. Some even have a camera with a motion sensor. As a locksmith, I have installed and used different types of locks and I would like to share my knowledge. 1. […]

5 Benefits of Keyless Door Locks for your Home

They call home is where the heart is. That’s right! However, home is the place where we go after work, after a break, whenever we go, we always return to the house that we call home. That is a place where we want to feel safe for ourselves and our children. The home is one […]

Safety Checklist When Moving to New Home

Checklist When Moving to New House Planning to move to Naples? creating a home safety checklist is an important step that you’ll want to reference before, during, and after you move. Though it may feel cynical, you should consider all potential risks before you commit to buying your new home so that you can keep […]

Deadbolt for a safer home

Deadbolt must be installed on any entrance door to your house. Doorknob is not enough to secure your doors.  6 Reasons: Credit card bypass.  Easy to break it with hardware tools. Air bags bypass. Easy to move latch with screw driver. Easy to kick the door. Quick cylinder puller tool. deadbolt has a long bolt […]

Top Tips When Buying A Safe

Guide of top 10 tips for First Time Safe Buyers When purchasing a safe for the first time, there’s more to it than just walking into a store and asking which one they recommend. There are a lot of facts that you should consider. Getting the right-safe for you depends on you understanding all the factors […]

How To Find A Locksmith near you

There is a lot of resources online to find a locksmith: google, bing, yahoo, yelp, Facebook, aloa and more… How to find a professional locksmith for a reasonable price? Do not click on advertising sites, why? This advertising method is more expensive, and companies who use this method usually will charge more to cover the […]

How to Avoid Locksmith Scams

One of the best ways to find a locksmith company in Naples FL is usually by checking online for hits and looking up to see how they are performing. Are you worried you might not be getting the best possible deal from the locksmith you have chosen? or it is a complete scam to get […]

Lock Cost vs Security

A Guide to Understanding Door Lock Prices vs Security Any homeowner or real estate developer will tell you the importance of using quality materials for the development of your properties. Why spend all that money building the house and then skimp on fixing quality door locks on it? There is always a disparity between cost […]

Keeping Your Home Safe While on Vacation

 Keeping Your Home Safe While on Vacation – Tips While on vacation, your home could be vulnerable to household calamities. There is nothing worse than coming back from a vacation or a business trip to find that something has gone seriously wrong with your home. An unoccupied house or apartment can be an alluring target […]

Best Sliding Door Locks

Sliding Door Locks Introduction Lately, doors have transformed from a basic “keep-out” measure, to an integral part of a home structure and design. There is a wide array of options that home owners can now indulge themselves in, depending on style, design and security. A sliding glass door, is commonly used in homes where owners […]

What Does a Locksmith Do?

Click To Jump To Content. What services does a locksmith provide? What is a locksmith work place? Most common locks in the USA Most common locks models in the USA How much does a mobile locksmith service cost? How does a locksmith unlock a car? How does a locksmith unlock a door lock? Where can […]


CAR KEY, FOB KEY & CHIPS Definition of a key: A key is a device , usually made of metal, that is used to gain access to locks, car ignitions etc. Keys as a part of our lives: We all use keys daily for a variety of purposes; different apartments and rooms, our car, often we even […]

The Secrets Of The Locksmith Industry

 The Secrets Of The Locksmith Industry All businesses have secretes, and locksmith is no different. However, there are some secretes that we would like you to know about, just to ensure you are not scammed by a con artist pretending to be a locksmith. A few things most locksmiths won’t tell you: When you get […]

Is Your Door Secure

Is Your Door Secure?   Deadbolts are very important for every home as they provides an extra layer of protection at the point of entry. Unlike the spring bolt, the deadbolt can only be opened if there is a movement in the lock cylinder. Most external doors use a spring bolt, which it security is […]

Top Keyless Locks 2017

Keyless Locks 2017 Smart Keyless Locks are electronic locks that are designed to perform locking and unlocking operations on a door when it receives instructions from an authorized device, usually a wireless protocol and a cryptographic key, to execute the authorization process and unlock the door. There are four main types of smart locks: • Early Electronic locks– uses keypad. • Radio […]

Cars Most Likely To Be Stolen

CARS MOST LIKELY TO BE STOLEN When we talk about cars being stolen, there is no way to leave out any car as being less at risk than another. Everywhere in the country, car theft is an issue that does not appear to be getting any closer to an end. Even lemons are at risk […]

Securing your business

Securing your business   It is important to keep your business safe as possible as you have your valuables as well as that of your clients to safeguard. Theft may lead to loss of property that can be replaced but the reputational damage could be immense. Having a security breach has even led to some […]

Security Trends For 2017

HOME, BUSINESS AND CAR SECURITY TRENDS 2017 Every year, new trend emerge that change the face of safety and security. Some of these will take hold and become the standard for coming years. Others may not have so much of the staying power. We however examine a few trends which safety and locksmith experts have […]

Mercedes Benz Door Unlock

Lost Your Mercedes Benz Car Key? Remote Door Unlock with your Phone Mercedes Benz has been a pioneer in keyless entry technology for cars since 1998. They introduced one of the earliest keyless systems. With the introduction of the mbrace app, Mercedes Benz owners can unlock their cars remotely. What is Remote Door Unlock? It […]

Door Lock Buying Guide

Choosing a lock for your house is not always as picking one off the rack at your local hardware store. You would need to consider the conditions of your home and what area you are trying to secure. These factors include the type of door or window that You have, the level of security that […]

kwikset Smart Key

Introduction with KwikSet smart key Kwikset smart is a unique lock system that gives you the option to rekey your lock by yourself in less then 30 seconds. There are 3 generations of the smart key. 1. Easy to bypass, drill, key was just stop working for no reason. 2. Big improvement on the by […]

Deadbolt Lock VS. Door Knob Lock

Deadbolt Lock VS. Door Knob Lock   You probably always heard to install Deadbolt. Did you ever wander why? Here is few reasons why. deadbolt are stronger because there is 2 screws holding the cylinder, there is 2 screws holding the door knob. The difference it’s on door knob (in must of them) you can […]

Keyless Lock VS. Keyed Lock

Keyless Lock vs. keyed Lock   VS.                          Security is an important concern when building a home. Doors are not just an entry point but also provide a level of privacy and sense of security. But having a door isn’t enough. It needs to […]

Lost Your Car Key

Lost Your Car Keys? Have you lost your car keys?  What should you do now? It may be dropped somewhere while you have been purchasing a product at the supermarket or left the car key somewhere and forgot about it. In the middle of the parking, you trying emptying the pocket to find your car […]

Top Smart Locks 2016/2017

Schlage offers full peace of mind and ultimate security to its smart lock users by providing four opening options: an enlightened touchscreen numeric keypad, tapping through Bluetooth on an icon in the Schlage iOS app, (every Apple Store today selling schlage sense smart Deadbolt lock) a standard key and Siri voice command available with Apple […]

Locks To Trust

Locks to Trust 10 Brands of Door Locks that you can trust. For your home and office, most of the people rely on the best brands of door locks. Diverse ranges of models are found with the due locks now-a-days. It is important to buy trusted brands from the market exclusively. Both advantages and disadvantage […]


SummaryArticle NameFrequently asked questions naples-locksmith-24-7DescriptionSecurity Frequently asked questions here is all the answers right from the locksmith check it out…Author Meny Friedman Publisher Name Naples Locksmith 24/7 Publisher Logo

South West Florida is a Safe Area

South West Florida is a Safe Area? Do not believe any thing you read about south west Florida safety!, According to the research web site BackgroundChecks.org (The site based on FBI violent reports and 100,000 residents average.) In Sw-Florida there are 4 cities rank in the top 50 safeties cities in Florida, Marco island The […]

7 Reasons why Car Locksmith and not your Dealer

 7 Reasons why Car Locksmith and not your Dealer   1. A car locksmith will provide you key 24 hours 7 days services.   2. Car mobile locksmith is mobile and  will help you everywhere you are!, dealers doesn’t come to you.   3. Locksmith do it on the spot no wait time like with a dealer. […]

Secure Your House

Secure Your House Why to secure you’re house?  People think the only important reason it’s for thieves. There is another important reason Peace and no fear when you’re house it’s secure you can go to sleep with peace, when your leaving the house you know your stuff secure in you’re on house. People tend to […]

10 Reasons To Replace A Lock

10 Reasons To Replace Your Locks Replace of a Lock it’s always good idea when you can afford it. If it’s to expensive you can with the rekey locks way.   10 reasons to replace a lock:   1. replace of a lock will get you a new keys. 2. replace of a lock will […]

5 Reasons To Rekey Your Locks

When To Rekey Your Locks: Rekey Services     1. Rekeying of a lock it’s the cheap & fast is best way to have new key to your door lock.   2. When you moved to new house, You don’t want any previous residents to have access to your house Best and cheap is way to prevent […]

Naples Locksmith 24/7 in florida

Naples Locksmith 24/7 in florida customers security is our priority! Our locksmiths is not like all others locksmith in naples, why us? Our locksmiths team train for unlocking car/ house/ commercial For more then 100 HOURS! We are the fastest locksmith in naples fl we are near every location in swfl less then 20 minutes. We […]