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We are providing locksmith service in Bonita springs FL 24 Hour a day 7 days a week.

Car Locksmith

Locked out of your car?
We are available in Bonita springs at any time feel free to contact us at 2392273487.

Lost Your Car Key?

We make car key ASAP if needed!
Our priority it’s to make you satisfied. so because of it you can call us for any questions you have.
We make car keys in Bonita springs & Naples,key-made-for-car-and-your-house-in-bonita-springs Marco island, Estero, Fort Myers, all SWFL area we are mobile locksmith
We coming to your place make you a key on the spot,

just call and our locksmith’s on the way…

Need a Copy of key for your Car?

Copy of a car key is fast and cheap.
If you need a car key who is better then Naples Locksmith 24/7 ?!
-BTW- car key copy still need car computer Programs,

Need To Rekey The Lock to your Key?

We are specialized with any Lock Rekeying in the market, we rekey any type of lock, and renew your lock after the rekey,

What Is Good About Rekey?

Rekey is fast! It’s cheap! You don’t see any different from outside of the lock.
I’m my self always recommend my clients to rekey they locks.

Here in Naples locksmith 24/7 we can solve all of you problems.

We make car keys for must of the cars brands if it’s possible to make a key to.

We can unlock any car.
We have the experience locksmith
And have the right tools to open any car
We always unlock the car with out any damage Don’t worry.

We can can recover any car key for any car.

If you locked out of your car do not try
To unlock it yourself! You can brake the car lock / door or window. We are available 24 hours in Bonita springs for car key, lock rekey, car lock out, house lock out.

Locked Out Of Your House?

We unlock everything from the simple lock to the difficult one,
have you forget your key inside the house?
Or lost them?
Don’t worry we come to open the house for you at any time, you can call us 2392273487 or see our tips.


Need Lock Change?

Lock change residential locksmiths bonita springs floridaour locksmith tech’ can change any type of lock to any kind you need + match it to your key if needed.

Fresh Lock Installation:

We can install a locks on any door
Even if you do not have place for a lock we drill the door with special tools in the place you decide to make place for your new lock.

Lock Repair:

Repair of a lock should be easy job
For a locksmith, we can repair any lock. the different between us to other locksmith in Bonita springs is we can repair any lock!.

Multiple locks on one key:

We can install 1,000 locks and one key open all of them, we can install locks in your house then you have only one key you can access all your house doors.

High Security Locks:

Why it’s call high security locks?
1. Because it’s impossible to pick.
2. Because it’s impossible to drill.
3. It’s impossible to copy with out
The card who came with the key.
You can call our professional locksmith to ask more about this locks.

Smart Locks:

The world move to smarter
Smart phone.. Smart car.. Your house security should be smart to, so what you should do to make it smarter?
Call Naples Locksmith 24/7
Today for a mobile tech’ come right a way to your place to make your house smarter.

Bluetooth Locks:

How fun is a Bluetooth lock you do not even need a key to unlock it,
It’s working on your phone Bluetooth
When you are close to the door you can open it from your phone.

WIFI lock control:

WIFI lock control it’s very smart lock you can control with your mobile phone from every where on your lock, open and close. Some of them even have a camera so you can see who is coming in to your house.

Combination locks:

There Is a lot combination locks out there
But you have to know which one to install
On your door, you do not want to find your self locked out of your on house because of the battery is out,
Make sure to change battery before
It’s ending, you can contact our locksmith’s
to ask any questions about the combination locks.

Sliding door locks:

Did you know must of the house burglaries are through sliding door?

So what you should do to make your sliding door secure?

1. You need to add a lock to the sliding.
2. You should add extra security.
3. Our locksmith can install a lock special for a sliding door with a key.
So what are you whiting for?..
Call our locksmith new at  +1 239 227 3487

Here in Naples Locksmith 24/7 we know how to do it Professional way
Lock change, locks Rekey,
Repair of any lock, master key,
And more..

Change of lock it’s a simple process,
our professional locksmith can come to your place 24 hours
To change any kind of locks you have.

You can call us just to ask any thing you want to know about a locksmith it’s free we will be more then happy to assist you.

We really care about your home security !

So we going to give you a locks
Is much 100% for your security Needs.

Rekey its fast process and cheap
We can rekey any lock out there
In no time, we can make all your house locks on the same key.

It is cool to open all the house only with one key,

here in Naples Florida we provide the service 24 hours a day.

Need A Master Key?

First What Is A Master Key?

1 Master key is a key is can open all of your door only with one special key.
2 master key is a key you can open all door with one key but every door have is on key.
Make a master key its like a rekey but little more work but I promise you it’s worth it!!
We are available 24 hour in Naples FL
Locked out of your car?
Our professional locksmith will come to you and open your car in no time.
Locked out of your house?

We can come to your place and open it fast and with out any demands.
Commercial locksmith Bonita springs FL.


We provide commercial locksmith service. For locks , for cars.
To see more about us

And you can contact us

24 hour
for car
If you locked out you my want to check our tips and check our
service area to make sure you are in the area of swfl then our locksmith can come to give you our services

need a locksmith in BONITA SPRINGS florida ?


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