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We provide you with the best locksmith service in Fort Myers FL 24 hour a day 7 days a week. Whether is your home, business or vehicle you want to secure, we will provide you with the best options. Our highly experienced team of locksmiths includes experts in all areas of service including car unlocking, lock repair and servicing. We guarantee you the highest quality locksmith services in Ft Myers FL


Are you locked out of your car in Fort Myers? Do you need to have your vehicle’s ignition replaced?   car unlocking in fort myers florida
We have the latest tools and skilled workmen to get you back on the road in no time. We are available today in Fort Myers at any time you can contact us at (239) 227 3487.


We treat every call as if it were an emergency. As your preferred automobile locksmith in Fort Myers, our priority is to make our clients satisfied. We work with most major car brands and can offer you key cutting, ignition repairs, door lock repairs, replacement of broken ignition, Remote programming and all types of lock out. You can call us for any questions for free

We cut transponder car keys and because we are mobile locksmiths, we can come to your location and cut you a new key on the spot!
We at Naples Locksmith 24/7 with 1000s of car unlocking experience will help you regain access to your car. We can make keys for any car brand that can be keyed by a locksmith. Do not break your window or car door, we are available 24/7 to provide you with car unlocking services in Fort Myers Just call and our locksmiths will be on the way to you as quickly as possible.


Copy of a car key is fast and cheap. If you need a car key who is better then Naples Locksmith 24/7?!
Making a spare transponder key is more difficult than getting a new key cut to match your ignition and still requires programing to the car computer. This process might take time and requires professionals to make sure that the spare key matches your original, starts your vehicle’s ignition and works well. Our car locksmith services at Naples Locksmith 24/7 is fast, effective and much cheaper than getting it done at a dealership.  We specialize in:

car key replacemant in fort myers florida

– Transponder keys
– Dealer chip keys programmed on site

– Remote FOB programming
– Keyless remote
As always, we provide 24/7 service as the foremost car key replacement locksmiths in Fort Myers.


We are specialists in rekeying any lock in the market. We can rekey any type of lock. The best and cheapest way to upgrade your house security is to rekey the locks. Whether you are moving in to a new house or just looking to improve the security of your home or business, we are the ones!


Rekeying a lock is faster and cheaper than installing a new complete lock. Your locks are just altered by our locksmith technicians so that only the new keys will be able to unlock them, giving you a new lease on security for your house or business. You get to keep your familiar locks and just get new keys to keep all unauthorized parties out of your property!
We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week in Fort Myers for house lockout, lock replacements or rekeying services for you.


Have you forgotten your keys in the house or lost them? Unable to gain access to your home after a long day at work? Call us on (239) 227-3487 and we will be right with you to unlock your doors, from the simple locks to the most difficult smart locks. If you need a locksmith in Fort Myers FL, we are available to assist you quickly and efficiently. You can also see our blog for tips on how to unlock your door.


If you are considering replacing your door or window locks, you can call us at Naples Locksmith 24/7 to help you. Upgrade your locks to comply with your insurance requirements, replace them due to damage or change them if your keys are in the possession of unauthorized parties. When moving to a ft myers locksmith- in florida-lock change & lock rekeynew apartment or business premises, changing your locks is highly recommended. We will help you decide which locks work best for your home needs and which brands are most recommended. With us you can rely on quick and efficient service from our professional and well trained locksmith technicians in Fort Myers FL for your lock changes.


In a situation when a new lock need to be installed we can install a lock on any type of door, even if it doesn’t have a place for a lock. what we do in this case is mark the desired spot and drill the door with special tools in order to install your new lock. We can also help you decide what locks work with the current design and color of your door at a reasonable cost. To increase your home security, call Naples Locksmith 24/7 to help you with your clean and efficient lock installation services in Fort Myers FL.


Repairing a lock should be a smooth process. Wherever you are in ft Myers FL area, we can get any type of lock repaired in record time. Another option our locksmith technician will offer is making you a master key – one key that can unlock all the doors. This will increase your ease of access. Our professional locksmith technicians are trained and qualified to install over a 1,000 different locks.


Why are they called high security locks?
1. Because they’re impossible to pick.
2. Because they’re impossible to drill.
3. It’s impossible to make a copy of the key without the card that came with it.
You can call our professional locksmith to ask more about these locks, they are highly recommended for safe rooms and other areas of your house that may require a higher level of security.


The world today is advancing into digital solutions. There are smart phones, smart cars, and now there are smart locks. Smart locks can be smart keyless lock of kwiksetintegrated into your home security system and your smartphone for easier and more secure access to your home. Smart locks also incorporate other safety features as video camera recorders and smart logs. Want to make your home security smarter? Call Naples Locksmith 24/7 today to have a mobile technician come for an initial assessment and we will provide you with cutting edge technology that will leave you feeling more secure.


Imagine never needing a key to unlock your doors. Bluetooth locks work using your phone’s Bluetooth to give you access to your home once you are close by. No more needing to fiddle for your keys. Bluetooth locks can be programmed to unlock as soon as you are within Bluetooth range of your home. Call us today at Naples Locksmiths 24/7 to help you install the most reliable and latest Bluetooth locks on your home doors today.


A Wi-Fi lock control is very smart, you can control it with your mobile phone from anywhere. You can lock or unlock doors by the press of a button on your smartphone and some even have a camera so you can see who is approaching your house. We are Fort Myers specialists in all digital lock solutions for your home or business. Call us today for an assessment and quote for your smart locks.


There are a lot of combination locks out there but you should always do some research to see which feet your needs perfectly. You do not want to find yourself locked out of your own house because the battery of your combination lock is flat. Always make sure to change battery after the recommended period time. You can call your best Fort Myers Locksmiths Naples Locksmith 247 to ask about whether a combination lock is right for you. Telephone consultations are absolutely FREE!


Did you know most of the house burglaries entry points are through sliding door? So what you should do to make your sliding door secure? Below are some ways to make your doors more secure
1. You need to add a lock to the sliding.
2. You should add extra security such as a sensor connected to your home security alarm
3. Our locksmith can install a lock specially for a sliding door with or without a key.

What are you waiting for? Call our locksmiths now at +1 239 227 3487
Here in Fort Myers Florida, we at Naples Locksmith 24/7 are always professional in the way we handle all your locksmith related emergencies and requests. Be it lock change, lock rekeying, call us at 239 227 3487 to enjoy professional and efficient service every time.


First, What Is a Master Key?
Master key is a key that can unlock all your doors. All your doors may have their own keys but a master key can open all of them in the event access is needed and the regular key is not available

Make a master key today. It is like a rekey but requires a little more work but I promise you it’s worth it!


We know how important it is for you to keep your business premises safe from intrusion. Our highly experienced and professional commercial locksmith will ensure that you get the best services whenever you need it. All our locksmiths are fully licensed and bonded and are well trained in working in commercial situations.


If you are locked out of your business, you would definitely be losing money. We at Naples Locksmith 24\7 can be at your location anywhere in Fort Myers within 30 minutes and get you back to doing the things you need to be doing.


Making sure you know which employees have access to your business is important. We can help you install a master key system to ensure that unauthorized workers are kept out of certain areas. Master keys are very difficult to copy and reduce the need to be carrying large numbers of keys around. Call us today for a free consultation.


We can help you replace lost safe keys. We can also crack the safe for you without damaging the contents of the safe. If you need the locks replaced, we can also provide you with insured and professional service. Do you need to install a floor or wall safe? We are there to help you with safe lock services in Fort Myers FL at a very quick turnaround time with major cost savings.


Nobody can take care of your business safety and lock services better than Naples Locksmith 247. Whether you own a small local business or a large multinational, you can be rest assured that you will receive world class services from us. Our locksmith services will provide you with peace of mind and security for your documents and inventory. We also provide the following commercial service
– Keyless entry systems
– Insurance approved installation
– Emergency repairs
– High security keys cut and copy-protected keys
– Filling cabinet locks
– Electronic locks
– Emergency office lockout.
Our locksmith technicians are always standing by 24 hours a day 7 days a week to assist you with any of your needs. Call us at Naples Locksmith 24/7 for free to have a consultation and we will have a commercial locksmith sent to your location to make a proper on-site assessment to help you add convenience and ease of access to your business.

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