If you need lock for your house,

Tips By Naples Locksmith 24/7 in Naples Florida

who is better to ask than the locksmith?
With the knowledge installing and repairing
locks and their home security expertise,
out there no one better to advise you then the
So today, we’ve compiled a list of locksmith
tips for you.

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how to pick a lock ?

The best way to pice a lock,
You need to use fast and dirty method.
1. Put tension wrench in the
The place of the key
And apply light pressure (very light pressure ).
2. Instead pick tool in top of the lock.
3. While Applying light pressure
Put the pick tool in to the key hole
And go back and forth in to the cylinder.
4. Do it till the pins get to share line.
5. You open the lock !!

Whether if you a homeowner in
it never hurts to refresh your locks and
remind your-self of important of your security.
Always re-key or replace your
locks when you got a new house.
The previous owner,
could have extra keys for you house,
or they could give keys to they family,
or friends, or old renters,
you do not want strangers to go in to your
you must to replace your locks,
or rekey your locks (it is quick and cheaper).
To know more about locks & rekeying your

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Install a deadbolt lock for your home,
but make sure they install the deadbolt right.
Many contractors don’t-
know how to install locks on the right way,
     for best results.
If there is a window close to your door lock,
realize that a criminal could easily break / open-
your window & unlock the lock-in 10 seconds,
To avoid this,
use a double double cylinder lock that needs-
a key from in & out.
never leave the keys in your lock!!
NEVER hide your keys close to your door!
If a criminal wants to break in to your house,
they will Probably search the places in the 15
feet around your house door.
and fake rocks are all very comings places to –
put your key.
Choose somewhere 100-200 feet a way from-
your house,
that almost not possible For someone to find it.
Or better choice,
give yours key to a friend, or family,
or neighbor you trust.
I hope the locksmith Naples Florida tips are helpful.
Make sure to let more people to know about this.

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