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Mail box lock change Naples Florida

Mailbox lock change In Naples FL

Lost the keys to your mailbox? Here is the 411 on what to do.

One of our more frequent calls are about lost mailbox keys,
callers want to know whether we can copy, pick open their
mailboxes or replace their mailbox locks. The answers may vary
according to each individual situation and it all boils down to:

  •  Is the mailbox privately owned,
  •  Is the mailbox owned by the USPS
  • Who’s the caller
  • If the mailbox is privately owned, you may call a Locksmith in case you need to have
    the mailbox lock picked if the keys are lost or prior owners/tenants did not leave a key.
    Proof of ownership or right to use the mailbox may be required such a lease or closing statement on the property.
    Having the locks replaced will cost you the time for the locksmith and the parts for the lock.
  • If you live in an HOA or apartment community, they may have a copy for an additional fee.
  • If you have a key and just need a copy made, then going to a Walmart, Hardware Store or
    Locksmith for a duplicate set of keys may be cheaper and less wait time than going to the
    post office for a duplicate set of keys, which is also an alternative for privately owned boxes.
    Typically takes about 1 week to get copies from the post office.

It is recommended that when moving into a new apartment as a tenant or when buying a new
condo, the keys to the mailbox are changed for security. It is a Federal Crime to tamper with the

if your in Naples FL and need your mail box lock change give us a call at (239) 227-3487


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