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Medeco high security lock installation in Naples FL

Medeco Locks Naples FL

Many commercial establishments and HOA opt to install Medeco locks for their reliability and high security functions. Medeco has led the industry for over 50 years in high security protection locks being installed in hospitals, universities, banks, military institutions, etc. Medeco offers a 3⁄4” diameter high security Switch Lock that offers a wide range of electrical functions along with the patented key control of a Medeco cylinder. There is also a wide variety of deadbolts and locks

offering the best security options for you needs.

Medeco Rim and Mortise cylinders provide patented key control and UL437 Physical Security in adaptable retrofit cylinder forms, in addition to eCylinder solutions. If you are thinking about a new high security keyed lock for your commercial or residential needs, you can rely on Medeco to meet your security and durability needs, being a high security lock rated 5 of 5 stars, however, you must take into consideration the pros and cons of installing a Medeco lock.

Copying keys: These keys cannot be easily copied. Only Medeco authorized locksmiths can duplicate Medeco keys, and they record and verify every transaction. Each key cut is held on file at the Locksmith’s establishment and Medeco. Duplicating Medeco keys is a 2-part authentication process. An experienced locksmith will be able to make a copy even if you do not have the original. Upon contacting the authorized locksmith, you will need to provide information about the key which will enable them to help you replace it.

It is important to know that duplicating a high-security Medeco key costs between $8- $20 per key, sometimes even more depending on the type of Medeco lock installed. These keys are expensive because they are not regular keys. They are cut in 3 different angles: right, left and center, which makes picking these locks very difficult giving you a high security to every door. Medeco keys are made of nickel silver and the manufacturer will only supply blank keys constructed of the highest quality nickel silver.

Mastekeying locks:This can be done and it’s one of the advantages of these high security locks, that provide a feature unique to Medeco that allows for a larger expansion on a single keyway by using double cuts in master keys.
Rekeying Medeco Locks : Only authorized Medeco

dealers are allowed to remove the pins and springs in the lock cylinder and replace them with new pins and springs that work with a new and different key. For orders of more than one lock, the customers must choose whether they want to rekey their locks alike or

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with different key codes, which will be stored at Medeco and the locksmith’s files.

Picking a Medeco lock: Can be done with a tool called Medecoder, available only to authorized locksmiths. This tool is a thin piece of wire with a sliding scale that aids in positioning the grooves correctly. To pick these locks, you need to first set the pins to the correct height, then using the Medecoder you find each pin’s individual groove. All Medeco locks have the pins at the same distance from the lock face.

Bumping Medeco locks: These locks are resistant to key bumping. One of the most popular pick-resistant locks is the Medeco. An effective of bump keys would need to have several thousand variations of angles in order to turn the pins properly so that they could be bumped.

Cost of Medeco Locks: Medeco locks are a bit more costly that regular costs, with average parts cost of over $200 upwards of $400 per lock, plus the installation costs that are typically higher than regular locks.


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