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tips and tricks to secure your home

 People think the only important reason it’s for thieves.

There is another important reason
Peace and no fear when you’re house it’s secure you can go to sleep with peace, when your leaving the house you know your stuff secure in you’re on house.

People tend to say to my house the thieves will not come,
But the thieves doesn’t know who you are, they doesn’t care they just want the value stuff in your house.

To live peacefully you have to be Secure!


What Does a Locksmith Do?

Click To Jump To Content. What services does a locksmith provide? What is a locksmith work place? Most common locks in the USA Most common locks models in the USA How much does a mobile locksmith service cost? How does a locksmith unlock a car? How does a locksmith unlock a door lock? Where can […]

dead bolt of schlage

Is Your Door Secure

Is Your Door Secure?   Deadbolts are very important for every home as they provides an extra layer of protection at the point of entry. Unlike the spring bolt, the deadbolt can only be opened if there is a movement in the lock cylinder. Most external doors use a spring bolt, which it security is […]


Top Keyless Locks 2017

Keyless Locks 2017 Smart Keyless Locks are electronic locks that are designed to perform locking and unlocking operations on a door when it receives instructions from an authorized device, usually a wireless protocol and a cryptographic key, to execute the authorization process and unlock the door. There are four main types of smart locks: • Early Electronic locks– uses keypad. • Radio […]

Auto Home Business

Security Trends For 2017

HOME, BUSINESS AND CAR SECURITY TRENDS 2017 Every year, new trend emerge that change the face of safety and security. Some of these will take hold and become the standard for coming years. Others may not have so much of the staying power. We however examine a few trends which safety and locksmith experts have […]

dead bolt of schlage

Door Lock Buying Guide

Choosing a lock for your house is not always as picking one off the rack at your local hardware store. You would need to consider the conditions of your home and what area you are trying to secure. These factors include the type of door or window that You have, the level of security that […]

kwikset smart key deadbolt

kwikset Smart Key

Introduction with KwikSet smart key Kwikset smart is a unique lock system that gives you the option to rekey your lock by yourself in less then 30 seconds. There are 3 generations of the smart key. 1. Easy to bypass, drill, key was just stop working for no reason. 2. Big improvement on the by […]

Deadbolt Lock VS. doorknob Lock

Deadbolt Lock VS. Door Knob Lock

Deadbolt Lock VS. Door Knob Lock   You probably always heard to install Deadbolt. Did you ever wander why? Here is few reasons why. deadbolt are stronger because there is 2 screws holding the cylinder, there is 2 screws holding the door knob. The difference it’s on door knob (in must of them) you can […]

Keyless Lock VS. Keyed Lock

Keyless Lock VS. Keyed Lock

Keyless Lock vs. keyed Lock   VS.                          Security is an important concern when building a home. Doors are not just an entry point but also provide a level of privacy and sense of security. But having a door isn’t enough. It needs to […]


Top Smart Locks 2016/2017

Schlage offers full peace of mind and ultimate security to its smart lock users by providing four opening options: an enlightened touchscreen numeric keypad, tapping through Bluetooth on an icon in the Schlage iOS app, (every Apple Store today selling schlage sense smart Deadbolt lock) a standard key and Siri voice command available with Apple […]


Locks To Trust

Locks to Trust 10 Brands of Door Locks that you can trust. For your home and office, most of the people rely on the best brands of door locks. Diverse ranges of models are found with the due locks now-a-days. It is important to buy trusted brands from the market exclusively. Both advantages and disadvantage […]