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Securing your business

Securing your business

Securing your business

Securing your business


It is important to keep your business safe as possible as you have your valuables as well as that of your clients to safeguard. Theft may lead to loss of property that can be replaced but the reputational damage could be immense. Having a security breach has even led to some businesses not being able to stay afloat.

Securing your business goes beyond locking the front door when closing for the day. There are several ways to ensure that your business is safe always.

Carry out a risk assessment regularly to know the kind of security threats that your premises and business processes can expose you to. You could either employ the services of a security risk assessor or a licensed locksmith to help you improve your security. They would make recommendations on how best to keep your property safe from theft and unauthorized access.

A risk assessment exercise is only effective when you can make changes per the recommendations of the experts. Adequate security measures and personnel must be used to control access to your commercial property. Business break-ins require opportunity and planning so make sure you have bright lights installed around the building. Security grills on external windows and access points also reduce break-ins and other petty thefts. Having strong, reliable locks on all doors is also recommended.


You can have all the security procedures around your business building but like the saying goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Your staff are integral to maintaining security in your business location. All staff must be trained in the proper security processes so that they all know what to do when needed. By ensuring that all staff are conversant with opening and closing routines will reduce carelessness or accidental breaches of security. Staff should also be taught how to identify suspicious behaviours around the office. They should also be encouraged to let management know when they have ideas on how to improve the safety and well-being of lives and property in a commercial environment.

Regular stocktaking and inventories will enable you know early enough if items are missing or unaccounted for. Identifying stock loss early may save your business from serious financial ruin. It would also help you identify ways to better track stock and keep them safe on the premises.

Having a world class alarm system, grills and CCTV may not always be necessary for your business safety. By having an experienced locksmith give an opinion on the state of your affairs, you would be able to know what solutions are a best fit for your business.


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