Locksmith Services


We are here to help you. car key, car lock-out service. Our mission is to provide you the highest services that meets your expectation.


We provide residential locksmith 24-hours emergency services . lock-out service. we repair, install & Rekeying any type of locks in SWFL.


Providing locksmith services for Businesses / Commercial . Locks installation, Re-keying locks, as well safety advices protecting doors or safes.


Services of A Locksmith in Naples FL

Naples Locksmith 24/7 Provide the following services:

For cars:

Car key extraction.
Duplicate car keys.
Car key with out a key.
Copy of car keys.

for houses:

lock change.
Install lock from 0.
Lock rekey.
Lock repair.
Multiple locks on
same key.
High security locks.
Smart locks.
Bluetooth locks.
Wifi lock control.
combination locks.
Sliding door locks.
Hours of our locksmith services in Naples Florida:
Monday:         24 hours
Tuesday:        24 hours
Wednesday:  24 hours
Thursday:      24 hours
Friday:           24 hours
Saturday:      24 hours
Sunday:        24 hours
Holy days:    24 hours
(Open any time)

Car Key:

How to get a new car key?


Call a locksmith nearby to order for you a car key
(or he have it already) and cut-program the car
key to the car computer.

Car Key Extraction:

 It’s very coming problem when the key stuck in the car lock,
What you should do in case like it?
Call the close locksmith to your location and ask if they have car key Extraction tools to free your key.

Car Key With Out A Key:

 How can a locksmith cut key without
A physical key?
There is 2 way to do it:
1. The locksmith ask for a cut code
From your car dealer and cut your key by the can the dealer provide.
2. Some of the ignition locksmith can take the cylinder out of the car and open it to see the cut for the key then the locksmith locksmith can cut you key by it.

Car Key Copy:

 Copy of a car key it’s very simple (but)
The locksmith still need to program the new key to your car.


Lock Change:

Our locksmith tech’ can change any type of lock to

residential locksmiths naples florida

any kind you like To.

Install a Lock From 0:

We can install a lock on any door
Even if you do not have place for a lock we drill the door with
special tools in the place you decide to make place for your new lock.

Lock Rekey

 Rekeying of a locks it’s cheap & very simple for a locksmith with the right tools.
How do a locksmith rekey a lock?
Is taking the lock cylinder out open it
Put a new pins for the new keys
Close it and you have rekeyed locks.

Lock Repair:

 Repair of a lock should be easy job
For a locksmith, we can fix every lock in any place in Naples Florida.
the different between us to other locksmith is we can repair every lock!.

Multiple Locks on Same Key:

We can install 1,000 locks and one key open all of them,
naples locksmith locks services
we can install locks in your house then you have only one
key you can access all your house doors.

High Security Locks:

Why its call high security locks?
1. Because it’s impossible to pick.
2. Because it’s impossible to drill.
3. It’s impossible to copy with out
The card who came with the key.
You can call our professional locksmith to ask more about this locks.

Smart Locks:

The world move to smarter..
Smart phone.. Smart car.. Your house security should be
smart to, so what you should do to make it smarter?
Today for a mobile tech’ come right a way to your place to make your house smarter.

Bluetooth Locks:

How fun is a Bluetooth lock you do not even need a key to unlock it,
It’s working on your phone Bluetooth
When you are close to the door it’s open is self with out help,

Wifi Lock Control:

Wifi lock control is very smart lock you can control with your mobile phone from every where on your lock, open and close. Some of them even have a camera so you can see who is coming in to your house.

Combination Locks:

There Is a lot combination locks out there
But you have to know what to put
On your door, you do not want to find your self locked out of your on house because of the battery is out,
Make sure to change battery before
It’s ending, you can call our locksmith
Company to ask any questions about the combination lock for FREE!!.

Sliding Door Locks: