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security bar - sliding door lock - Naples Locksmithsecurity bar - sliding door lock - Naples Locksmith

Sliding Glass Door Lock – The forgotten Doors

You just bought a new home and you call us to rekey your locks, you ask us to rekey often times
your front door, side door and garage door….. what happens to your sliders???? How do you secure
your patio access?

2 bolt glass sliding door lock - Naples Locksmith
2 bolt glass sliding door lock – Naples Locksmith

Sliders are the most vulnerable doors and the easiest to break into. They are large pieces of
glass that expose everything that’s in your home, and let burglars know whether you are home or not
and show the valuables in your home. If non-impact, they are easy to take “off track”, most of the time,
there are no back cameras (most homeowners buy ring doorbells, but nothing for back doors), and most
sliding glass doors only have latch mortise locking mechanisms… so now, do you have peace of mind?To make your sliders more secure, you can always install a security system, slip in sliding glass
door lock bars, close your curtains, install a deadbolt lock, or call us to install an upgraded more secure
locking system. Keep in mind that it is possible to lock your sliders from the outside too by installing a
keyed lock, again, something a professional locksmith can happily do for you. Let us remind you that
with today’s technology, you have the choice to install automated electromagnetic locks or smart locks
in your sliders, so the options are there, from the most economic to the not so budget friend but
technology friendly and home automation integrated friendly options. Doing this will prevent intruders,
bring you peace of mind and will make you feel a lot safer inside your home.
So please don’t neglect your sliders, they are an integral part of your home and security.

Are you in Naples FL or Marco Island FL and want to improve your home security?

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