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Kwikset Wi-Fi Lock Installed in Naples FL and Marco Island FL

The Future of Home Security: Best Smart Locks of 2024

Welcome to another insightful post from Naples Locksmith 24/7! As technology evolves, so does the way we secure our homes. In 2024, smart locks are not just about locking and unlocking doors; they’re about enhancing home security with cutting-edge technology and convenience. Today, we’re diving into the best smart locks of 2024, showcasing how they blend security, innovation, and style.

1. Schlage Encode Smart Wi-Fi Deadbolt

The Schlage Encode remains a top contender in 2024, known for its robust features and reliability. What sets it apart is its built-in Wi-Fi, eliminating the need for additional hubs. Its compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control, along with the ability to create up to 100 access codes, makes it a leader in smart home integration.

2. Kwikset Halo Touchscreen Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Kwikset’s Halo Touchscreen combines security and sleek design. Its standout feature is the SecureScreen technology, which prevents fingerprint and code detection on the touchscreen surface. With Wi-Fi connectivity and compatibility with various smart home ecosystems, it offers both convenience and advanced security features.

3. Lockly Vision Elite

The Lockly Vision Elite is a game-changer with its integrated video camera, offering real-time alerts and live streaming capabilities. This lock goes beyond standard features with its advanced biometric fingerprint recognition and digital keypad, providing multiple secure entry options.

4. Yale Assure Lock 2

Yale’s contribution to 2024’s smart lock market is the Assure Lock 2. Notable for its slim design and versatility, it supports various modules like Wi-Fi, Zigbee, or Z-Wave, making it highly adaptable to different smart home setups. Its touch-to-lock and unlock feature brings a new level of convenience to the table.

5. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock deserves a mention for its unique retrofit design, which attaches to the existing deadbolt on the inside of the door. It’s ideal for renters who need a less permanent solution. With built-in Wi-Fi, it allows remote access and integrates seamlessly with most smart home systems.


In 2024, smart locks are not just about keyless entry; they’re about enhancing the security and intelligence of your home. Whether you prioritize video integration, biometric security, or smart home compatibility, there’s a smart lock on this list that meets your needs. Remember, the best lock is the one that aligns with your lifestyle and security requirements.

For expert advice on selecting and installing the right smart lock for your home, contact us at Naples Locksmith 24/7 – your trusted partner in modern home security solutions.


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