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Top Keyless Locks 2017

Keyless Locks 2017

Smart Keyless Locks are electronic locks that are designed to perform locking and unlocking operations on a door when it receives instructions from an authorized deviceusually a wireless protocol and a cryptographic keyto execute the authorization process and unlock the door.

smart keyless lock of kwikset

There are four main types of smart locks:

• Early Electronic locks– uses keypad.
• Radio Frequency Identification locks– Uses a key fob or card for entry.
• Bluetooth-enabled locks– It senses your smartphone’s Bluetooth ID and opens when you approach.
• Biometric locks– Uses fingerprint identification.

With the large number of smart locks in the market today, we know how hard it can be to get the best one. Therefore, we have come up with the very best smart locks in the market for 2017.


So, what are the best, most recommended smart locks for 2017?

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock: 

Kwikset is a respected name when talking about home-locks. This keyless smart lock combines the look of their conventional keyed locks with high-tech functionality. It gives users the ability to open their doors via smart devices or with the key fob that comes with the system.However, it is expensive.

Key Features:

• iOS and Android Compatible
• Nest Compatibility
• Guest Keys
• Smart/Wireless

Yale Real Living Keyless Touchscreen Deadbolt:

This versatile deadbolt provides users with maximum flexibility. It allows you to easily connect your smart lock to your home’s smart devices. Featuring a touchscreen and convention keyhole, it gives you more entry options. It gives you the ability to have different lock codes- 250!

Key Features:

• 250 Code Storage
• Compatibility
• Smart/Wireless
• Backup Key

SoHoMiLL YL 99 Keyless Electronic Keypad Lock:

 This is one of the most affordable electronic lock you can get out there, and it is also a step up to the traditional lock and key device. However, this device doesn’t offer Bluetooth connectivity or smart function.

Key Features:

• Affordable
• Auto-Lock
• Universal

August Smart Lock: 

This device replaces the single cylinder deadbolts technology to provide secure access for your home through iOS or Android devices. Its app signifies when lock’s battery is low, and allows you set authorised people who can enter your home. However, the device is quite expensive.

Key Features:

• Accolades
• Smart
• Sleek
• Compatibility

Lockitron Bolt:

 This new company has made a claim in the home security business with its high-tech locks. This smart lock has a sleek design, keyless entry, and smart capabilities, helping to provide a rest of mind for home owners.

Key Features:

• Affordable
• Smart
• Unlocks When Senses Your Presence
• Matches Your Keys

When getting a new a smart lock, you should lookout for the ones that provide maximum security so as to avoiding burglars getting into your homes.

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