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what are safe locks for your home in Naples FL

What Are the Safest Lock?

What is the Safest Lock?

When choosing the right lock for your door, there are key elements to take into consideration such as style, finish, safety, security, and cost. Different door locks are designed for distinct doors due to their specific locking mechanism. For example. deadbolt door locks are typically used on exterior doors such as the entry doors of a property while a push-button lockset is commonly chosen for interior doors such as bathroom and bedroom doors. As a locksmith company, we know that the security of a door lock is of paramount importance to the safety of a property, especially on major entry points such as the front door, back door, and garage door. Let’s examine the safety and performance of the various locks on the market. 

The 6 Most Popular Residential Door Locks

1. Deadbolt Door Locks

Deadbolt locks are one of the most secure locks typically used for exterior and interior doorways for residences.
Fun fact, did you know deadbolts got the name due to the fact that the lock lacks springs. They fall into two categories, single cylinder lock and double-cylinder lock. A single cylinder is constructed with an internal flip button and a key hole on the exterior. A double-cylinder lock is different because while it does also posses an internal flip button, the key hole components are different.The double-cylinder lock is constructed with key holes on each exterior side of the lock which means you can insert a key on either side of the lock. Please note that if you live in an apartment building, you will need to check with your landlord prior to choosing a double-cylinder lock as some buildings prohibit the use of them.

2. Keyless Door Locks

Keyless door locks are fashioned to equip households with greater security and add a greater sense of comfort for homeowners. The lock is designed with alarms that are activated if an incorrect code is entered. The functionality of a keyless entry door lock is designed with superior quality, and are renowned to be anti-theft and anti-pick. These are perfect for residential homes because most keyless door locks are created to be compatible with home security systems and compatible garage door openers, adding to more security.

3. Handle-sets/Entry Lock sets

These lock-sets offer medium level security. These are the levers you pull down to open a door, often seen on entry doorways. Handle-sets are typically installed in combination with deadbolt locks for added security. They are typically never used on their own unless the handle-set is used for an interior door that does not require locking. Because this will result in two doorknobs, most people will use one doorknob on the exterior and the other on the interior.

4.Mortise Locks

For increased safety and convenience, Mortise door locks are constructed for versatile use on various doors to residential properties, as well as on storm doors. Mortise locks are constructed much differently than the other locks we have mentioned so far. These locks are built with a flat, rectangular plate that fits right around the doorknob and includes a keyhole insert underneath the knob. The faceplate is secured with knobs. A mortise lock latch works on either side of it, but it if the knob on the outside is locked, it won’t function properly because the inside knob must turn for the deadbolt to work.

5. Smart Lock Technologies

These are all the rage on the market these days. Smart locks, also known as digital locks, function with the use of blue-tooth enabled technology that can be connected to your smartphone, home security system, and many are also equipped with built-in cameras so you can see who who is at your door before opening. Many smart locks also offer fingerprint scanners for added security. Please note: it is wise to add an extra deadbolt onto the door that will possess the smart lock as a manual alternative to locking and unlocking.

6. Door Security Extras

Constructed for use with door locks such as keyless locks, door safety extras are designed to provide light security. Usually made of metal, a door strike plate features holes used to screw it into door jambs and a bolt. It comes with six screws, each measuring 3 inches in length to boost door safety.
Door jammers can be easily mounted without the use of tools. They feature rubber coated steel for added grip. On the other hand, a security guard for a door is mounted on the interior surface of a door. It can open slightly to provide ventilation, or give an outdoor look. Please note that it is only possible to lock from the inside.
Contact our trusted locksmiths to receive a free in-home evaluation so you can enhance the safety and security by discovering the perfect door locks for your residence.


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