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What Does a Locksmith Do?

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Who is a locksmith?

A locksmith is a professional technician who specialized in lock and key repair, can cut a new car key and program it to the car computer, can gain access to unlock doors, safes, windows, cars, and commercial business, everything that operates on locks and key tumblers system.

What services does a Locksmith provide?


Most locksmiths provide a wide range of commercial, residential and automotive services.

Lock installation

A locksmith create space for a new lock and adjusts the new lock mechanism to the original door.

Lock repair

In a case of a broken lock, a professional Locksmith will know to assess the situation and provide a solution that will leave you with a perfectly functioning lock. If some parts are broken, the locksmith will try and fix them or provide a replacement if that is the case in order to safeguard your home or business.

Lock rekey

Lock rekey means changing the internal components of the lock to allow a different key to open it. Rekey of a lock can be done only by a locksmith, except kwikset smart key system, which allows you to “do it yourself” with no need of a locksmith technician to perform the job. This lock is not recommended for use. Lock rekeying saves you money while increasing your home’s security.

Car key Replacement

Did you know there is an immobilizer chip inside most car keys?

The Immobilizer key was invented in year 1986 (VATS ‘anti-theft system name’) it’s an anti-theft system to protects a car from being stolen. If you get locked out of your car or lose your car key, an automotive locksmith will be able to help you cut a new key tracing the car’s vin number.

Key programming

Transponder key programming can be done by the car dealership or by a locksmith technician. Locksmith companies provide different, you can say even better, service the the dealership, since most of them are mobile and will provide service at your direct location. They also tend to be more affordable and work 24\7 around the clock. You can save yourself the headaches and expenses of towing your car to the dealership. Key programming means that the key needs to be programmed to the vehicle computer. Without the key being programmed to the vehicle, your vehicle won’t start.

Ignition replacement

If your car ignition broke or got damaged, a repair or replacement will be required. You are also advised to do an ignition replacement if someone else has unauthorized possession of your car keys. This could expose your car to theft.

Car door lock change or rekey

If someone has a key for your car door, a professional car locksmith can help you with replacing the vehicle door locks or rekeying the locks creating a brand new set of keys in order to prevent old keys from unlocking the car doors.

Key extraction

Call a professional locksmith to help you extract any bent or broken key  that is stuck in a door lock or a car’s ignition.

Residential Window locks

Lock installation for windows is provided by most locksmith technicians for residential and commercial windows.

Push Bar

Not all locksmith companies provide push bar installation. why would you want to hire a locksmith and not a handyman to perform this work? A Locksmith technician will be more equipped, and will be able to cut matching keys to other doors if needed.

Mailbox locks

Lost the key to your mailbox? A professional locksmith will unlock it and install a new mailbox lock for you.

Door Closers

If you want your door closer to work smoothly and be installed accurately, call a professional locksmith.

Key duplication

For any key you need to duplicate, a locksmith store is the right place to go to get the key duplication right. Of course you can always call a locksmith and have him come out to your location. 

Key Recovery

Lost the only key to your car or house?

In case of a lost car key, a Locksmith can recover the original key with a key code, either by contacting the local dealership or by tracing the vehicle’s vin number. This service is available 24\7.

Pick a lock

Locked out of your car or house?
Professional Locksmith is the right person to call for help. A locksmith can also help unlocking other locks including: safes cabinets locks, desk locks etc.

Access Control

Some locksmiths provide access control installation. This allows you to manage all of your doors and locks making sure only authorized personnel have access to restricted areas in your home or work facility.

Emergency 24-hour service

If you are locked out of your car or house, almost anywhere, there is a 24-hour locksmith to help you to get inside. Professional locksmiths can pr